Nigerian mother seeks justice for son killed by quack doctor

A grieving Nigerian mother, Obby Ugochukwu Essien has created a hashtag JusticeforShawn as a means of getting justice for her son killed by a Quack doctor last year.

Her little boy, Shawn who was chubby and full of life was snatched from her loving arms by a Quack doctor who gave him wrong drugs. The quack doctor was employed by a real doctor who neglected his duties because he didn’t want to miss Shiloh!

Obby has written many emotionally-laden and heartbreaking posts on Facebook urging Nigerians to join her in getting justice for her late little boy.

Her post reads:

”Hello Facebook friends,
It is almost a year since my life was changed forever, since joy was ripped from my family and replaced with sorrow, since my world came crashing down.

For those who do not know my story, I lost my darling 2 year old son to the pure wickedness of man. My pride and joy was murdered by a fake doctor, by an irresponsible health care staff, by a careless private clinic, by an uncaring health system.

Please refer to these youtube links for more info

PLEASE take the time to watch them because it will tell you how useless the people that we put in charge of our lives can be!

pt 1 –
pt 2 –
pt 3 –
pt 4 –

Ever since Shawn left this world so prematurely, we have done everything we could possibly do. We made the rounds on all the blogs, on TV stations, radio stations, repeating the gory details of how our son was killed by an overdose of saline infusions (drip),
telling the story over and over again even though it made my heart bleed afresh every time. But I had to be strong and do it for my baby.

I started an online petition (less than 400 have signed), reported to the medical and dental council, to the police, even helped them do their jobs by taping conversations,
by doing my own investigations.

But to what avail?

As usual in this country, justice is difficult to get if you aren’t rich, connected or famous.

All the medical and dental council can tell us after all this time is that the doctor who mismanaged our son to death is not on their register, they suspect him to be fake and that they will continue to work on it.

He has since disappeared and according to Vitalis Mezie all his staff that were present on the day my son passed have ‘ran away’. What exactly are ‘qualified’ medical personnel running from? So what next? They seem to be at a loss.

What about the DE VITALS CARES HOSPITAL Babalola bus stop in Ilogbo, Ojo local govt area of Lagos State, where my son lost his life?
The hospital is still open and running with no consequences. Taking money and taking lives.

No investigation has been done to confirm our suspicion that the health care staff are mostly unlicensed and unqualified! One ‘nurse’ admitted as much to me.

I printed and forwarded my WhatsApp conversations with this ‘nurse’ to the police and the MDCN and even posted excerpts of the conversation here on Facebook.

The owner, Dr Vitalis who left his hospital to another irresponsible doctor has not been sanctioned. He has not been queried. This is after he admitted to me that my son’s death was avoidable. From the rubbish he told me and my husband afterwards, I questioned his licence.

Even though the MDCN have told me they have him on their register as a licensed Doctor, I still question! If you meet/met him too, you will question!

Even if he is a qualified Doctor, is he a competent one? Is he running his hospital the way a hospital should be run? If a so called medical doctor has so many quacks in his employ, then why shouldn’t he be held liable? He also shielded the murderer and gave him the opportunity to escape.

What about the incompetent fool of a replacement doctor who was brought by Dr Vitalis to cover for him, who then called his fake doctor friend to replace him because he was going for Winners Chapel Convention at Shiloh – nothing has been done to him. Should he not be held until he can produce his fake doctor friend?

Oh! I forgot to mention, the incompetent doctor who ended up going to Shiloh and brought the killer Dr, admitted to being a Nurse. To start with, the Nigerian Police wrote to the Nursing and Midwifery Council to confirm if he actually is a nurse, but last time I checked, they haven’t gotten any reply from the Midwifery Council.
Shouldn’t he be charged as an imposter? Shouldn’t he lose his licence? That is if he is actually a real nurse or possess any license at all , So he can then move to Shiloh permanently. But all we hear is silence. A loud, pitiable silence.

I am sure that bastard is preparing to go for Shiloh again this year. May his prayers all remain unanswered until he comes forward and answers for his error.

I must add that the medical and dental council are moving at the speed of a snail. I honestly do wonder if they care how many more patients are murdered and mismanaged in our hospitals. Because, if they did care, I wouldn’t be typing this now, as the parties involved would have been santioned, we would have found closure and been in court. We wouldn’t be almost at the same spot we were a year ago.

I guess one little boy’s life means nothing. But it means the world to us his parents. He was our baby. My sugar, snatched away so cruelly, leaving us his parents with empty hearts and buckets of tears.

Even the police have been cold: they are accusing me of ruining their investigation by talking to the media. What do they expect us to do in the face of the coldness and callousness of our justice system? What have they done anyway?

They told me they would use David Sambo’s(the killer Dr) phone number to track him. They warned my husband and I it was a covert operation. We must not tell a soul. As their efforts will be futile, if Vitalis or any of his staff found out. We said nothing to no one! I didn’t even tell my mother.

The police apparently tracked him and went to his home. His neighbors said they hadn’t seen him for about 2 weeks, but he still lived there as he hadn’t moved his property. I asked that they meet his landlord and ask for his surety as I know that you provide one, when you rent a house. I felt that his surety might be abl to provide us with some information about him. It wasn’t done.

I went to the police station one day and they told me he seemed to have thrown his SIM card away, as they can’t track his number anymore. I was blamed afresh for making the events leading to my son’s death public.

Only for me to receive Vitalis’s counter affidavit from the MDCN and he typed clearly that he and the police were tracking David Sambo electronically and because I went public, David Sambo disappeared . The exact same words the police were saying to me and even worse the police had told Vitalis about tracking the killer Dr via his mobile number!!! They were heaping blames on me, whereas they had carried our so called covert operation and put right into the palms of Vitalis Mezie, the owner of the hospital, who is trying all his best to ensure his inadequacies and unprofessionalism and ‘secrets’ aren’t blown open. The same Vitalis I was told I should ensure I say nothing, so it doesn’t get to him. My heart broke afresh. I totally lost hope in the system.

So for how long will we wait for justice?

For how long will these imposters in white coats keep roaming free while the medical council and other government authorities sleep and work at snail speed ?

The anniversary of the day Shawn joined the angels is coming up on the 10th of December, 2016. I know he is looking down everyday, wishing he can hold me one more time, dry my tears and kiss my cheeks like he used to do all the time. We want to show him we care and we will do all we can to make those that took him away account for it.

In his honour, i would like to ask you to join me in solidarity to demand for justice….for closure.

On the 10th of december;
– please use his picture with the hashtag #Justiceforshawn as your dp on all social media that day
– share the youtube videos and ipetition link to all your friends. Urge them to sign on and share
-Feel free to share this post
– if you have a blog or page or any access to a platform, to a microphone; please spare a word, a post, for Shawn and a prayer for we his family
– if you have any connections anywhere that can help, if you have the ear of any big man or woman in Lagos, in the Ministry of Health, in the Nigerian Medical Association,
in the Medical and Dental Council, any lawyers or advocacy groups, PLEASE help us.

Starting from today up until the 10th, I will be posting excerpts from my affidavits and Vitalis’s counter Affidavits,case notes, etcetera so that you all can read, see and understand that we are not safe!

Maybe later we can have a conversation on protecting ourselves, defending ourselves; on how to fight this scourge of medical negligence that is killing us like flies.

I am shocked at how many people who have experienced quack doctors and nurses and can’t be bothered reporting. Someone recently left a comment on a post about a popular hospital in Ikorodu owned and run by a nurse, performing surgeries and attending to all forms of medical emergencies.

We have to break the silence.
We have to stop leaving them to God and fight for our rights.
Through our efforts, we can expose these fake and killer health workers and save lives in the future.


No mother, no father, no family deserves to go through this hell.
Please do it for Nigeria.
Do it for yourself and your family.
Do it for all of us who have lost loved ones to the cruel hands of our hellish healthcare system.
Do it for me.
Do it for Shawn.

One Love




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