Motherhood is not easy for working mothers -Opeyemi Aiyeola

Opeyemi Aiyeola is a famous Yoruba actress who has made a name for herself in the industry through hard work, resilience and dedication.

In a recent interview with, she revealed that motherhood is not easy for working mothers but her case is different because she has the support of her family.


I have been able to create a work-life balance with the support of my family. I couldn’t have been able to do it without the support of God, my husband and children. They understand that I have to work. Motherhood is not easy for working mothers but I thank God that I have been able to create a balance especially now that I live in the United Kingdom. In a year, I am usually away for about six or seven months working.

On roles

As a mother, wife and Yoruba lady, I don’t jump at every role that I am offered; I am quite picky. When you are given a script, it is your choice as an actor to be able to read through, analyze it and say, “I’m sorry, I cannot play this role.’’

Because I have a family that I do not want to let down, I would never play a role that my husband, children  and other members of my family won’t be proud of.

What fashion means to me

I am not obsessively concerned with fashion but I like to look good. I wear what I like and the good thing about living abroad is that when one goes to a shop, you can try on clothes. I like wearing short dresses and they are my fashion fetish.

Current productions

I have a group called Opeyemi Aiyeola Rehearsal Group, which nurtures talents. I have a script for my next movie but plans for the production are still in the incubation stage. When I finally shoot the movie, it will be a film fit for the cinemas.

Celebrity marriages

It takes a lot to sustain a marriage and the truth is that when a break-up happens, it is not always the fault of the celebrity involved. Sometimes, the break-up might be due to the action or inaction of the celebrity’s spouse. Other factors like interference from in-laws, the media, family and friends, may also lead to conflict.


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