10 resolutions for dating success in 2017

It is not out of place for men and women to draft dating New Year resolutions. This is because navigating the complex waters of the dating pool requires effort.

Wishing to have a good relationship in 2017 is cool, but the hard part is working towards making that wish a reality. The reality is that dating is hard, full of unexpected twist and turns as well as disappointments. The good news is that there are ways men and women can throw themselves back into the game for desired results this year.

These 10 points will grant you your desired dating success in 2017, lay them to heart.

Clearly define your dating objective

What do you want, exactly in a man or woman? Do you want a committed relationship leading to marriage? Do you want a cute boyfriend to do fun stuff with or just something in between, with no strings attached?

Think about what you are ready for emotionally, and what you are capable of sustaining in the long run. Don’t jump into relationships with unresolved emotional issues from the past.

Consider online dating

If you keep complaining about how bad online dating is, you might miss a wonderful partner. Many people have met their life partners on different dating sites. You should try it out too.

The key to success online is using your time wisely for only the most promising opportunities. Try out several different apps to see which one feels most comfortable for your personal style of interacting and meeting people.

Place commitment before sex

Delaying sex until you are dating is totally reasonable and smart. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Sex should be reserved until both of you are committed to each other.

Take risks

You can’t find happiness, much less love, without taking considerable personal risk. If you aren’t willing to take a chance on getting your heart broken, you won’t find a good relationship this year. To get the reward of being in love with someone and having them love you back, you’ve got to lay yourself bare emotionally.

Don’t be artificial

For dating success this year, drop all the pretence. Being artificial won’t do you good. Don’t pretend to be less interested than you are. Avoid playing games. Don’t deliberately try to give another person the wrong impression.

Respect yourself and set boundaries

You may find yourself being treated poorly by someone who turns out to be not so great. That’s where deal breakers come in. But you must know that even the most well-meaning boyfriend or girlfriend will screw up sometimes. It’s important that you stand up for yourself and point out unacceptable behaviour as necessary.

Share responsibility

Meet your partner halfway in all areas of your relationship. That includes financially, emotionally and physically. When two people are focused on giving, no one feels short changed. If you find yourself feeling that you are making most of the effort in a relationship, that’s a sign this is not the right relationship for you at this time.

Commitment matters

Choose and communicate your desire to be loyal, faithful and loving. Make sure you make it very clear that you believe what you have is very special, and that you look forward to being together into the future. This commitment doesn’t necessarily mean marriage soon, but it does mean building something very meaningful and going all in.

Make the relationship a priority

When your life is truly entwined with someone else’s, there’s no checking out or taking a break. Even if you are away, you can and should take time to connect. In fact, the times when you are not available are when you need to offer extra reminders that you are thinking of your partner.

Enjoy your relationship

Be grateful for your intimate connection and enjoy it. Anxiety compromises even the best relationships. If you tend to be anxious, work toward getting the support and reassurance you need in ways that don’t frustrate your partner. Make the most of what you have built day by day – if the relationship is right for you, the future will take care of itself.

These resolutions for dating success will serve you well if you implement them. If you put in the work starting now, 2017 should be a great dating year.


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