When love is not enough, what happens?

When people fall in love, they think that it would last forever. But as time goes on, reality hits them hard. Relationships start well with love sparks flying up and down, meaningful conversations and a promise to be true and faithful to one another.

But along the line, these lovebirds discover that love is not enough to keep a relationship. When life happens, they find out that they need more than skipping heartbeats and butterflies in their stomachs to really handle life’s many issues.

One of such curve balls life throws at loving couples is cheating. Cheating while in a romantic relationship is an unfortunate reality many people will face in their lifetime. Some people think “my partner would never do that,” when confronted with their partner’s philandering ways, while others are forced to consider their partner might not be faithful.

When a partner cheats, it’s painful to the other party. Sometimes, the one who cheats provides an explanation as to why they cheated but then the damage has already been done. And the wound takes a long time to heal, and that is if it truly heals.

When you find out your partner cheated, your entire world turns upside down. Everything you thought you knew about love, your partner, and your relationship all seem like child’s play compared to the pang of betrayal you feel in your heart. And then, you become emotionally devastated.

Uchechi: I hate him for hurting me this bad

My husband of two years cheated on me four months ago. It was so bad that he had been sending nude pictures to this woman and getting hers as well. I felt like a failure. I haven’t forgiven him even though he keeps begging for forgiveness and promising not to do it again. I don’t believe him.

I still don’t know what to do with my bitterness. Everything he does now makes me angry. I can even say I hate him for hurting me so much. I trusted him so much. I was blind for not seeing the signs. I love him too much but I just don’t know how to deal with all the anger and disdain I am feeling. I am not free with him like I used to. I can’t even have sex with him anymore.

Emeka: I am still very angry my wife cheated on me

My wife of 8 years had an affair with an old flame from secondary   school she reconnected with on Facebook. I have never been a jealous or snooping kind of guy but I had a feeling something was up. So, I went back through her Facebook account and found out everything. It’s been months since I confronted her and I am still very angry. I sent her packing. I can’t be married to such a loose woman. She is a disgrace to womanhood.

Amaka: I caught my husband with his colleague having sex in his car

My husband and I married have been married for 4 years. We have 2 children and I thought I was doing all I could to keep him satisfied until I caught him and his colleague having sex in his car. It’s hard to forgive such a betrayal.

We still live together but in separate rooms because I feel my children are the most important thing right and I am grateful to God for not letting me go crazy. It was the most devastating thing I have had to endure I couldn’t get the image of them having sex in the car out of my mind for months. It kept haunting me.

Cletus: Her lover attacked me when I caught them together

I found out my girlfriend of two years was sleeping with another guy. I know she is not my wife, but it hurts still. She denied it and she still won’t admit it. She kept on lying. When I caught them, the guy attacked me and injured my eye.

Now, I just feel sad and betrayed by my love and my best friend. I had thought about forgiving her, but I really can’t. She hasn’t even apologized. I got a new girlfriend just to forget about her and punish her for what she did to me. I want her to regret it. I want her to beg me to take her back on her knees. I might just consider it and forgive her.



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