10 bad beauty habits women should break

Many women have bad beauty habits. Some women leave wet towels on the bed or sleep with makeup on their faces while others don’t think about the harsh chemicals they punish their skins with.

When it comes to beauty routines for hair, makeup, nail and body, things that some women may consider harmless now require more effort and resources to repair in the future. So, women need to pay more attention on how to break their bad beauty habits this year. It will pay them in the long run.

These 10 bad beauty habits need to be broken forever. Ladies, get in here.

Stop using dull razor blades

Hanging on to a dull blade for too long is not new to women. This habit could cause serious issues. Women should keep their razor blade sharp by storing it in a dry place after use, which can prevent rusty blades. It also decreases the chance of a bacterial or fungal infection.

Don’t skip your sunscreen

Environmental exposure to UV rays and pollutants lead to wrinkles, dull texture, brown spots, and even skin cancer. The most effective anti-aging secret is the use of an antioxidant paired with sunscreen every single day. These serums reverse free radical damage and give an added layer of protection.

Your pillowcase should be changed often

Even if you can’t see or smell the nastiness that’s gathering on your pillowcase, it’s affecting your skin. When you sleep with a dirty face, excess dirt, oil, and makeup accumulate on your pillowcase which can cause skin irritation the next day, as well as blocked pores and breakouts in the long run. Change your pillowcase often, and make sure to wash your face before bed.

After one year, discard old hair products

Purge the stash of old hair products after one year. Don’t keep or use hair shampoos and conditioners for more than a year. The formula can break down, rendering the product less effective.

Avoid lacing your skin with harmful chemicals

Your skin is different from your friends’. Stop the habit of changing creams from one day to the next because it works well for your friend. Consider your skin texture and go for natural skin moisturizers as well as toning creams.

Don’t work out with your make-up on

Sweaty makeup is not healthy beauty wise. From a dermatological standpoint, makeup and sweat are never a good combination. When you are hot, the body naturally cools by sweating and sweat escapes through your pores. If you have a layer of makeup over those pores, it’s causing a blockage. So now there’s sweat, bacteria, and makeup trapped in a pore with nowhere to go, which can lead to pimples.

Stop playing with your hair

Playing with your hair constantly create stress on your locks and add to oil build up. Keep a small smoothing brush along with a detangler in your purse if you must touch your hair during the day. You don’t need twisting, touching, playing, or using your dirty hands on your hair.

You have to quit picking your cuticles

Many women bite their nails and pick their cuticles, which is a bad beauty habit. Moisturizing your nails and cuticles prevents hangnails and the temptation to bite them. You need to moisturize your cuticles often too.

Reduce the amount of makeup you wear

The concept of an overly contoured face, intensely highlighted skin, and perfectly drawn-on eyebrows has put the focus on completely changing your face, essentially putting on a mask of makeup to feel beautiful. Women need to love themselves, embrace their natural beauty, and feel comfortable in their own skin. A lighter touch of make up with few trusted products can accentuate a woman’s natural beauty rather than mask it.

Stop over-processing your hair

Dry, damaged, and brittle hair is typically the result of too many chemical services which include colour, perms, relaxers, straighteners, and hair extensions. In addition, repeated or inappropriate use of heated styling tools; and environmental stressors like the sun, hot water, and chlorine damages your hair. Over-processing breaks down the protein (keratin) in the hair, which causes breakage, split ends, and dull look. It also destroys the cuticle, causing dryness and frizz.



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