Nigerian women, stop buying fights you know nothing about

Dear Nigerian women, stop buying fights you don’t know the Genesis.

I remember when someone I met on Facebook last year wanted me to join her in fighting another person.

She said that this other woman she had a fight with was having fun on my wall.

I didn’t even know what transpired between them and she wanted me to take her side.

The funny thing was that I met two of them at different times on Facebook.

They are people I relate with and I don’t see why I should start taking sides.

I told her that I don’t buy fights. I don’t take sides.

I don’t join other people to beef someone who has not offended me.

I am not a baby.

This same person kept complaining about another lady whom I also met on Facebook.

She kept bringing her up in our discussions claiming she is a bad person, a gossip and all that.

She said all sorts of things about this second lady.

One day, I got tired of all the talks and told her to invite this lady to our chats so that she can defend herself.

She refused.

Note that this second lady has been nothing but nice to me.

We have not met but we chat. She supports me, prays for me and checks up on me.

So, why do I want to fight someone who did me no wrong because one person somewhere wants me to join her in a fight that doesn’t concern me?

I hate it when people talk bad about another person behind their backs but lack courage to tell them to their faces things they say in their absence.

I am not a coward.

I am not a wimp.

I am not that stupid to start keep malice with someone who has not done anything to me.

It has not earned me many friends but that is my life.

I am my own woman.

I have a mind of my own.

I didn’t get to this point in my life to start fighting innocent people because I want to be accepted by some people.

People fight.

People have misunderstandings.

People make up.

When I fight, I know I am fighting my own fight. There would be no need to drag others into my fights.

I have seen this happen over and over on Facebook.

People keep unfriending and blocking people who have not offended them because they want to belong to a clique.

You see women behaving like primary school pupils and making a mess of their online relationships.

If at this age, you still buy fights because your friend is fighting with another person, you need a brain resetting slap.

When two people fight, leave them alone. Don’t take sides.

Stop buying fights you don’t know the Genesis.

What happens if they make up?

Where does their reconciliation leave you?

All ye women who keep buying fights need to grow up.

Allow others to settle their differences themselves.

Your attitude is nauseating.


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