Dolapo Badmus believes you can still look good while fighting crime

Dolapo Badmus, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) is one woman you cannot help but admire. She exudes an appealing aura whenever you meet her. But that doesn’t overshadow the combatant-ready persona she exhibits at work.

Despite being a crime fighter and Police spokesperson, Dolapo’s fashionable looks inspire not only women in the police force but also tells women in other professions that looking good is good business. This is because looking good has not affected her job as a Policewoman. She refuted the popular notion that Nigerian Policemen dress shabbily.

“I am of opinion that looking good and dressing neat is for everybody, be it a normal citizen or a crime fighter. A lot of people believe that police officers are meant to be seen dirty, haggard and tattered because they fight crime. I disagree with that because being a crime fighter should not make you look like the criminals you are chasing. A policeman or woman must be good looking and clean because it is a noble profession.”

Dolapo believes you can still look very good while fighting crime. As a woman, she is grateful because she was able to overcome all odds to get to her current position as an image brand of the Police force through hardwork, confidence, focus and humility.

She however, charged women never to look down on themselves but always uphold dignity in all they do with focus and charisma to achieve result.

The fair-skinned and charming female police officer joined the force on the 15th of August, 2002, as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (Course 21 Batch) after intensive training at the Police Academy, Wudil, Kano, Kano State. She is a graduate of Accounting and also a post graduate degree holder in Public Administration.

She has served in various capacities since she joined the force. She was once Aide de Camp, (ADC) to the number four citizen of Nigeria. Until her appointment, she was serving as the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Isokoko Division, Agege, Lagos State. She is married with children.

For 14 years, Dolapo has continued to impact lives on her tasking job as a policewoman. But in her usual never-say-die attitude, no matter the challenges that come her way, she has been able to hold her head high because she’s fully committed to her duties.







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