10 ways to please Nigerian women without breaking sweat

Nigerian women are not hard to please. They are the most loving, caring, accommodating and sexy women alive on the planet. The problem is that many Nigerian men do not know how to press the right buttons.

If you truly know the right thing to do and at the right time, you won’t have problems with Nigerian women. Guys need to step up to the challenge and take timely initiatives to please their women.

These 10 tips will guide you on how to please Nigerian women without breaking sweat:

Happy Nigerian woman

Give her money

Money is the answer to all things when it comes to Nigerian women. Don’t be a broke ass man who can’t meet the financial needs of his woman. Step up your game and be a provider.

Don’t compare her to other women

Doing this hurts so much. Let her know she’s your all in all. Tell her how much she means the world to you and watch her melt at your presence.

Do things for her without her asking

Nigerian women love men who take initiatives. Do things for her without waiting for her to ask. Give her money. Change her wardrobe. Buy her things. Take her out and make love to her unexpectedly.

Cook for her

There’s nothing as sexy as a man who cooks for her woman. To get to the innermost part of a Nigerian woman’s heart, you have to sweat it out in the kitchen and serve her food. She won’t let you go.

Give her multiple orgasms

Many Nigerian women love good sex. If you want them to stick to you for life, give them good sex and multiple orgasms.

Defend her from attacks

The worst thing a man can do is expose his woman to external attacks or keep quiet when she’s being attacked. Defend your woman. Let her know she can count on you when things really get down.

Call her often

Call your woman to find out how her day is going. Tell her everything will be okay. Promise her of a bright future ahead and the kingdom will be yours.

Remember her birthday

Don’t ever dismiss her birthday with a wave of hand. It is an unforgivable sin. Plan ahead for her birthday and celebrate her on that day. Little gestures like these matters.

Encourage her success

A good man celebrates his woman’s success. Don’t try to reduce her to nothing or stop her from being successful. That’s evil.

Have fun with her

Don’t place hanging out with the boys over spending quality time with your woman. Let her feel your warmth and love for her.





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