Tola Ajayi recommends pornography to Nigerian couples

Tola Ajayi is a sex, fertility and relationship counselor. Ajayi has been providing counsel for couples with fertility challenges.  She got professional training 8 years ago and also went for some training at Budapest in Europe last year. She has also been trained in different aspects of counseling.

Even though Nigeria doesn’t boast of many ex therapists, Ajayi ventured into the terrain and counsels people who have issues with their sex life. She helps couples identify their sex challenges and proffers solutions on how they can overcome them.

Speaking in a recent interview with, Ajayi says she recommends blue films (Pornography) for couples. She stated that couples need to watch blue films in cases where the man cannot have erection and needs something to stimulate him.

Ajayi debunked the notion that Christianity and Islam preach against pornography. ”Where is it written in the bible? One thing I have come to realize is they over-spiritualize things. I don’t recommend going to a cinema to watch porn; these things are private and you can watch it in the comfort of your bedroom with your spouse. Whatever you have to do with your husband or your wife to make your home pleasant go ahead and do it. Watch pornography, it’s not sinful. Just make sure you keep them away from the children though. If your husband is aroused by a blowjob, do it.”

Ajayi advised couples to be open with one another. She enjoined women to need to encourage their husbands to talk about sex with them because most times men will want to talk about sex but women will say “no my church does not allow me to talk about sex”. There’s nothing sinful in it, as long as it’s you and your husband. Whatever you want to do in your bedroom do it; you own each other.

She said that men also should bring their wives to their own level and encourage them to talk about sex. They should tell them “this is what I want” and especially if your wife ties wrapper around the house, get her a sexy nightgown or lingerie and let her know “this is what I want you to wear.” But some women too will not wear it even when the man buys it as they are like “Why should I wear G-string, God forbid”. There’s nothing like God forbid there. The man wants it.




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