5 lessons fathers should teach their daughters

Fathers generally set the standard for their daughters of how men typically behave. There are certain things that are specifically incumbent on fathers to say and do for their daughters.

Parents should teach their daughters basic manners like saying “please” and “thank you,’’. They should consciously and conscientiously make sure that they are modelling the behaviours they want to see.

The fun but sometimes scary thing about raising a daughter is that every dad has the opportunity and responsibility to show her what a “real man” is and to give her confidence to face the world with happiness and strength.

Below are 5 lessons today’s dad should be teaching their daughters.

Father and daughter

Teach to be self reliant

Teach her to be self-reliant, even with things that society says are “men’s jobs.” Teach her how to count on herself and to know that she has the power to be successful and confident. Teach her to be tough when she needs to and to be able to care for herself and others.

Let her know she’s beautiful no matter what

Beauty is more than physical, but I have never met a girl that did not love to hear those words. The world can be cruel. When pimples, acne and skin issues come, or if she gains weight, she always needs to hear from her daddy that she is beautiful.

Show her how men should treat women

Teach her that she is not an object—she is your daughter! Show her how men should treat women by your example. Make sure you are not only complimenting her physical beauty, but her mind, her kindness, and her character. Show her that you value these traits in the women in your life, especially in her mother.

Teach her to stand up for what she believes in

Strength is not masculine or feminine; it has to do with character. Help her learn to say “no” to people and to stand up for what she deems right, even when it’s not comfortable or popular.

Teach her that her body is hers

If you want to truly protect your daughter, you must continuously support the message that she, not you or anyone else, owns her body. She should not be forced to hug or kiss anyone she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

And if you want your daughter to be confident and free to pursue her own aspirations, give her opportunities to experience the world outside of gender assumptions. But above all else, let her know she is loved, no matter what. These are the standards we as fathers need to set.


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