5 ways women can eat without gaining weight

It is every woman’s dream to eat whatever she wants without gaining weight. From eating their favourite food to enjoying some cups of ice cream, many women love to have it all. But there are foods you can eat a lot without gaining weight.

In order not to gain weight, it is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet and give up your favourite food. You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. You just have to observe simple rules of a healthy and balanced diet to feel yourself great without gaining weight.
Follow these 5 simple rules for that perfect body while downing your favourite foods.

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  1. Limit your food portions. Often, in cafes and restaurants large portions of food are served, but you can ask to split it in half and share your portion with a friend. You can take containers with a home-cooked favourite salad or other favourite dishes for work.
  2. Don’t let your body go hungry. Eat every 3-4 hours, or simply arrange snacks between meals, which can be nuts, fruits, or dairy products. This will make you feel less hungry. It will be easier and quicker for your stomach to digest small amounts of food, which accelerates the metabolic processes in the body.
  3. Drink 3 litres of water a day. Water plays a very important role as it speeds up the metabolism in the body. It is desirable to drink water for at least half an hour before and one hour after a meal. If you drink it while eating, the stomach wall stretch and it looks like a bulging tummy externally.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast should be a quarter of your daily diet. The more proteins, healthy fats and vegetables you have for breakfast, the less you feel hungry during the day. Having a healthy breakfast gives you energy to go through your day. It is desirable to have dinner maximum 4 hours before the bedtime, and do not overload the stomach, giving preference to low-calorie dishes, so food has time to be digested and not stored as fat while you sleep.
  5. Follow a realistic diet. It should be balanced so that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The meals should include fruits, vegetables, grains; protein such as meat, fish, eggs as well as oils, nuts, seeds. If you find it hard to give up sweets and starchy foods, choose low-calorie desserts, which you can prepare yourself.


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