5 habits of happy mothers

Happy Mothers make happy families. Being a mom is not a walk in the park. It is a tough job. It is being there for others even while you may be falling apart. Being a mom means sacrificing your time, energy and peace just for your children.

Sometimes, all these responsibilities start to take a toll on mothers. And instead of being happy, they become cranky, angry and irritable. But there are ways that upbeat and busy moms keep the joy and love flowing in their families.

Here are 5 habits of happy moms that others can emulate.

Happy mom and daughter playing

They ask for help

Happy mothers are not afraid to ask for help from family and friends. These mothers have a way of seeking help from people around them so they could have some fun time with their husbands away from all the children drama. That’s how they stay sane and lively.

They play with the rules

One of the best things about being the person who makes the rules is bending them. As a mom, you know you can’t always stick to your own rules, so play with rules while having fun with your children. Happy Moms know when to turn the mundane into magic when it comes to making their children happy.

They laugh with their children

Kids love to see their moms laugh. And laughing really hard with your kids is one of the best Happy Mom secrets of all. They will have no choice but to join you.

They never forget to cuddle up

Happy moms cuddle their kids every chance they get, which is smart since those chances diminish as they grow and then disappear altogether by the time they become teenagers.

They don’t envy other moms

Happy Mothers don’t compare and compete. Neither they, nor their kids, nor their cars, nor their houses have to be the smartest, cutest, newest, or neatest. The green-eyed monster has chewed up the happiness of many mothers as they try desperately to live the lives of other mothers. If you want to be happy, be grateful for what you have and enjoy the family you have received.




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