Husbands, do these 10 things for your wives on Valentine’s Day

As 2017 Valentine’s Day approaches, wives are wondering what their husbands are up to.

For some wives, Valentine’s Day doesn’t give them that feeling of love, romance and acceptance they crave from their husbands.

Many wives are battling with unfaithful husbands.

Many wives know in their heart of hearts that their husbands belong to some lady somewhere in the world.

Many wives don’t know how to demand for the kind of love they give to their husbands without being threatened with divorce.

Many Nigerian wives will cry on Valentine’s Day from loneliness, heartbreak and abandonment.

Valentine’s Day gifts

But for the men who love, care for and appreciate their wives, they should do these 10 things to appreciate their women on Valentine’s Day.

Let your kisses wake her up first thing in the morning. Wake her up with a kiss. Let her know that you are thinking about her.

Appreciate her with words and actions. Don’t wave all her efforts aside. Tell her you love and appreciate her. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her why you love her. Show her through your actions that you appreciate her being in your life.

Give her a gift that she really wants. Don’t get her something you think she will like. Find out from her what tickles her fancy.

Tell her she’s beautiful. A woman never gets tired to hear she’s beautiful. When last did you tell your wife how beautiful she is? Don’t forget to do that on Valentine’s Day.

Lighten her burden at home. Rather than coming home with expectations of romance and desire, ask your wife what you can do to lighten her load as a wife and mother.

Clean the house. Don’t do it grumbling. Do it well. Wash the dishes also after dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Give her a surprise. Just go ahead and surprise your love. The nature of the surprise isn’t important. You can get her anything you know she will love but haven’t asked for.

Take her out to dinner. This should be a night your wife doesn’t have to cook. Treat her like a Queen. Take her to that great restaurant you host your friends all the time.

Let her sleep if she doesn’t want sex. Don’t try to manipulate her into feeling guilty because she doesn’t want to have sex on Valentine’s Day. Let her sleep.

Focus on her during sex. Pleasure her in bed. Kiss, lick and suck places that will make her have the orgasm of her life.



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