Nigeria’s First female comedienne Mandy Uzonitsha celebrates 25 years in the industry

25 years ago, Mandy Uzonitsha stepped into an unknown terrain to become Nigerian’s 1st Female Comedienne.  She took this bold step without knowing how people will receive her. Today, Nigerian can boost of close to 10 female comediennes and Mandy could be described as the grandmother of comedy in Nigeria.  Although, the journey seems slow, Mandy says it’s time for her to roll out the drums.

Come the 9th of April at the Civic Center Lagos, Nigerian’s 1st Female standup comedienne will be celebrating 25 years in the entertainment industry. The event aims to celebrate the icon, Mandy Uzonitsha and also use her stage to present to the world new up and coming female comedienne and also establish female comediennes.

Mandy Uzonitsha


The event is an all female performing event, and Mandy will also use this opportunity to say thank you to outstanding supporters and brands that have been supportive to female comediennes like:

Alibaba and his wife for supporting Mandy

Patrick Doyle for supporting Najite Dede (Naija Second Female Comedienne)

TA for supporting Princess

Owen G for supporting Lepacious Bose

MC Shaggi for supporting Ebinyo

Female friendly brand too will not be left out at the event.

Mandy will also use are stage to support and promote breast cancer awareness by providing free breast cancer screening for women at the event.

The anchors of the event will be two very funny male comedians Gordons and MC Abbey.

The event promises to be fun, interesting with electrifying silver jubilee performance from Mandy. The event will be a black tie event. The colour scheme for the day will be white and silver and it is strictly by invitation.

When Mandy started comedy, she wasn’t taken seriously. Nobody wanted to give a female comedian the chance to prove what she was worth. No one took her seriously. They felt that whenever she gets tired of fooling herself, she will leave the scene for men to do what they know how to do. But Mandy never gave up, she continued, never discouraged and today, she has gotten good results.



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