Nigerian ladies, stop giving men your money

Dear Nigerian ladies, stop giving men your money. Many of these men you spend money on are nothing but leeches, gold diggers and hungry fuck boys who just want to live off successful women.

These men have no jobs. They have no means of livelihood and they just set traps for mature single ladies like a hunter sets for his prey. And they know that marriage is important to an average Nigerian lady,so they play the marriage card and many ladies fall hard.

This latest trend of trying to buy men with your money because you want them to marry you is destructive. You are setting yourselves up for heartaches and heartbreaks. You cannot buy love. You cannot use your money to make a man fall in love with you neither can you marry yourself with your money and want the man to respect you in the marriage.

Lady showing off money

It is no longer news that many married men now pose as single men,denying their wives and children just to lure single ladies with the marriage anthem and fleece money out of them. One of them Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo was exposed recently on Facebook and it was a dirty revelation.

He preys on women who want love and marriage.He uses sob stories to get money out of them and promises them marriage also. But he is a married man with three children. Will you blame him when an average Nigerian lady loses her brain whenever marriage is mentioned? To think he was stringing along over ten women on Facebook was record-breaking.

There are many of them around these days who don’t want to work but look for single,successful women to date, promise marriage and then start feeding off their money. Many of these gold diggers olive in women’s houses, eat their food, drive their cars and fuck them for free. What a world!

If you are a young lady and you feel time is no longer on your side, instead of wasting your money on deadbeat men, go and adopt a child. But inn the mean time, if you can’t stand the konji,invest in sex toys and thank me later.Leave these gold diggers alone. They are not worth your time.


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