IWD 2017: Project Alert launches survivors’ revolving fund

Project Alert on Violence Against Women, a non-governmental organization devoted to eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls marked this year’s International Women’s Day with a launch of her Survivors Revolving Fund.

Speaking at the launch, Founder & Executive Director, Project Alert, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma said that the fund is a special fund under the Support Services Programme, (SSP).

Josephine Effah-Chukwuma presenting Ivie Edobor with a cheque for her upkeep

According to the press release, ”Our Support Services Programme (SSP) is a department renders practical support services to female victims of violence and their families. These include counseling, legal aid, shelter, skills acquisition, empowerment etc.”

The fund is known as PROJECT ALERT SURVIVORS REVOLVING FUND. The Fund is being funded by professional women across various fields of endeavour that know and understand the plight of working women, who are in abusive relationships and how it affects their work.

The major purpose of the Fund is to provide immediate financial assistance for working women who are either experiencing domestic abuse or their children (daughters especially) are being sexually abused; and they need to get out and find somewhere safe to stay. It is for abused working women and their children, who are in need of urgent financial assistance to either rent a place, or pay school fees for the children. The financial assistance is by way of a low interest loan payable in six (6) months.

To be a beneficiary of this Fund, you must:

  1. Be a female victim of domestic violence or your children are.
  2. Be working and have a steady source of income
  3. Be guaranteed by two people who agree to be equally liable if you fail to service the loan.

Today we are launching the Fund with a first beneficiary. Her name is Ivie Edobor, whose story broke late last year, of how her estranged husband almost killed her right outside her home. They had been separated for two (2) years and Ivie had moved on to rent a place of her own in March/April last year, and moved in with her 3 children.

However her husband in the early hours of June 19, 2016, laid in wait for her outside her home and struck. In the process Ivie got severely wounded in her right leg, got hospitalized for months and till date hasn’t regained full use of her leg. Four almost 4 months she couldn’t go to work, but has now resumed partly.

Project Alert is rendering Ivie legal support on both the criminal and civil suits. In the criminal matter, we are holding watching brief as the state Ministry of Justice is prosecuting. While all this legal matters are going on, Ivie is burdened with hospital bills for her leg, ongoing physiotherapy, house rent, children school fees and upkeep etc.

The perpetrator, Mr. John Edobor has not paid one kobo towards his children’s feeding, upkeep, school fees or even the hospital bills which is N2.7m (except for a N500,000 payment made at the time she was still on admission in June 2016). The perpetrator wants Ivie to back down (withdraw) the criminal charges against him, as a condition for meeting some of the responsibilities. This is not possible.

Project Alert through the Fund, is supporting Ivie Edobor with the sum of N400,000 to assist her pay her house rent, so that she would in a more relaxed manner, and gradually try to deal with all the bills hanging on her because of the domestic abuse she faced. Before the unfortunate incident that has caused huge financial crises to Ivie, she was an active working mother, who was able to meet her bills.

We wish Ivie all the best, and pledge our continued support.”


Signed: Josephine Effah-Chukwuma

Executive Director


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