Ladies, take time to find out what a man wants from you

Dear lady, when a man slides into your life, take time to find out what he truly wants.

Don’t assume he wants the same thing you want or that he’s​ in your life for keeps.

Find out if he just wants to use you get over his ex so that you don’t become collateral damage when they finally make up.

Find out if he wants sex with no strings attached. Don’t start complaining later about him using and dumping you.

Find out if he wants a relationship at all. Some men are experts at confusing women with their conflicting behaviours.

Find out if he is in for a quickie or he wants you for keeps. Don’t assume you are both getting married when he just wants to have fun.

If you go and sell asoebi and print invitation cards for a marriage with an indifferent man, you will regret it in the long run.

Find out if he truly wants you for you or he is cool with your money, social status and position.

Don’t assume things. Ask him hard questions and be ready for answers.

Don’t allow sweet sex and your quest for unending moans of pleasure confuse you.

Communication will save you lots of heartaches. Talk to him and know where you stand in his life.

If you are not comfortable with what he wants, just move on. He’s not the only man on earth.

Don’t hang around praying and hoping he will change his mind. You are wasting profitable time.

There’s no point wasting time with someone who is not on the same page with you.

You don’t want to go through life being a second choice when you can be the first choice of a man who truly wants to be with you.

You are too precious to be toyed with.

Know your worth and stick to it.


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