Top 10 reasons women should have sex everyday

There are reasons women should enjoy sex. Sex is good for women. Having sex everyday causes a woman to glow from the inside out. The daily sex side effects are good for women of all ages. Having sex everyday not increases the chances of pregnancy for couples trying to conceive, it also helps in the bonding process for many couples.

These are 10 reasons women should have sex everyday.

Couple kissing

Makes her happy

Sex makes your woman happy. It leaves her content and full.

Good for the  heart

Women who have sex a couple of times a week are less likely to get heart disease than those who have it once a month. Sex helps protect a woman’s heart.

Sharpens the mind

Sex has been linked to the making of new brain cells, and that’s a good thing for women too.

Creates bonding

The hormone oxytocin is released during sex, and it sparks feelings of intimacy, affection, and closeness with one’s partner, which in turn helps build a strong, stable relationship.

Burn some calories

Sex can help women burn some calories. This is one of the many reasons everyday sex is good for women.

Lowers stress

Women who have more sex are less anxious and can face anything.

Good for mental health

Women in committed relationships who have more sex are less likely to be depressed or take medication for mental health issues.

Improved sleep

Orgasm triggers a surge of endorphins and oxytocin in both men and women, and that dulls pain and relaxes you. Women enjoy sleep more after good sex.

Lowers risk of cancer

Women who have more sex are less likely to get breast cancer. This is another reason to enjoy good old sex.

Boost self esteem

Women who have more sex may have better quality of life and a boosted self esteem. Sex is linked to good health and better future for women.


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