Guys need to learn the art of wooing women

Guys, you need to learn how to woo a woman correctly. Wooing a woman is not easy. It is not a day’s job.

I am not talking about wooing cheap and classless women who don’t have future ambitions, I am talking about going after treasures that will bring meaningful contributions to your life and family.

Some women are not moved by the meaningless lyrics you guys borrow from Google, they desire men who can engage them intellectually, emotionally and physically.

So if you are one of those men who think that by copying and pasting long poems and love quotes to a woman will make her fall for you, think again.

Out on a date

Women are tired of your borrowed words. Can’t you people be original and engage the woman you are trying to woo properly?

Some of you are so entitled that you think every woman you jump into her inbox to drool over her beauty and size of her breasts should say yes to you.

I don’t know why many Nigerian men feel entitled to a woman’s love, body and future. Who told you that you are the oxygen she needs to keep on living?

You need to learn how to woo a woman and stop displaying your lack of manners in public.

Some of you even lack the confidence to talk to a woman. Believe in yourself and go after the woman you want, but not forcefully.

If as a man, you have nothing meaningful to offer a woman other than your penis, stay away from her life.

*Be available for her. It helps her to feel safer and more secure. Give her a call once in a while. Text her from time to time and check up on her as often as you can.

*Guys, pay the bills when you go out for dates but don’t use that as an opportunity to demand for sex. That’s horrible.

*Some guys become moody or take dates for the free therapy sessions. Leave your misery at home and get some fun.

*Guys, it is disrespectful to be out with a woman and your phone is beeping non-stop. Turn the phone off.

*Guys, don’t meet that woman you are wooing empty handed. Don’t you know that gifts open a woman’s hearts faster than your poetic talks?

*When you are wooing a woman, listen to her. Women love it when guys listen to them. Women love to talk, share their feelings and experiences. Listening to her cost you nothing, so do it.

*Guys, keep your sexual desires down. Inviting you into her house is not an invitation to have sex with her. Guys, stop using your uncontrolled sexual desire to chase away good women from your life.

*Guys, be genuine if you truly want a good woman. You can’t keep playing with women and think you can be blessed with a good one. You will get what you give out.

*Be true to yourself, the woman who would love you will be yours. You can’t be deceiving ladies online and still have the nerve to call women liars and deceivers, are you okay?

*Make her feel loved and special. Don’t think you can jump in and out of her life when she doesn’t give you sex after the first date. If you want a prostitute, you should go for one and stop wasting a serious woman’s time by pretending to woo her.




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