Why do celebrity marriages crash so loud?

It is no longer news that many celebrity marriages crash even before they begin. When these marriages come to an end in the same intensity with which they were contracted, we are tempted to ask why these celebrity men and women rush in and out marriages.

I know men will jump in and start blaming these celebrity women for not being submissive enough to their husbands because they have money and connections, but doesn’t it take two to make a marriage work?

Where did you guys get this talk from that a woman keeps a home? How can she be keeping a home while you are busy scattering it? It takes a committed man and woman to make a marriage work.

Mercy Aigbe and hubby when the going was good

When any female celebrity comes out to say what has transpired in her marriage like Monalisa Chinda, Tonto Dikeh and lately, Mercy Aigbe did, you will see Nigerian men masturbating all over the news, tearing their boxers and blaming these women. They will jump in like fishes and start accusing them of infidelity as if their hands are clean. They will insult them and some will even start rejoicing at their failures as wives.

They don’t even want to know if these women ran for dear life before for better, for worse translate to for better you live, for worse I beat you to death. They don’t care to know what these women have endured till they can no longer keep lying to themselves and the society.

They don’t want to know if these women are hanging on to life by a thread, a woman must make her marriage work, they claim. They are always quick to blame the women whose marriages have failed.

But I know that no marriage is worth any woman’s life or sanity, celebrity or not. It is better to be divorced and alive than to die a Mrs. Somebody. It is better to cry out for help and live instead of wallowing in abusive and terrible marriages. There is no marriage in heaven, so there’s no need for women to die in marriages that are slowly snuffing life out of them because they want to make it work.

The latest celebrity marriage crash is the loud crash of Mercy Aigbe’s marriage to Lanre Gentry. Ironically, last year, Mercy granted an interview where she said that most marriages crash because people get married for the wrong reasons and are not ready to face the challenges that come with it.

She said “Failed marriages are on the increase now, not just in Nollywood. Some people are not just ready to be married because it comes with its own challenges and people also get married for the wrong reasons.”

But on a serious note, why do you think many celebrity marriages crash?


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