Rave of maternity photo shoots capture Nigerian women

Pregnant women baring their bumps in maternity photo shoots are the rave of the moment in Nigeria. Hardly any day goes by without social media users feeding their eyes with different shapes of bumps.

In the past, pregnant women are ashamed to show off their bodies because of the unpleasant changes that take place in their bodies during this important time of their lives. Weight gain, stretch marks, skin patches and sometimes varicose veins prevent women for exposing their bodies in the past.

These days, pregnant women no longer care about who sees their baby bumps and changed bodies. They are willing, ready and happy to show their blessings to the world with creative and beautiful maternity photo shoots. They take the time to create the kind of images they want to show the world in their mind and commit to making them a reality.

These maternity shoots come in different themes and story lines. Sometimes the husbands of these women are dragged into these shoots for an added touch. But recently, going nude for maternity photos seems to be in thing. It is like pregnant women these days are in a race to outdo one another when it comes to maternity shoots.

The reasons for taking time to have maternity shoots vary from woman to woman. They also don’t mind expending resources to engage in this rave of the moment. To some, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the most precious time in their lives which they wish to share with friends and family alike.

It is not really clear how and when maternity shoots crept into Nigeria. Buy what is obvious is that some women have gone overboard with this trend. Some of them now do nude maternity photo shoots just to show off.

Maternity photo shoots are here to stay

Mrs. Tomi Adegbenro and her husband Baba Soji who were expecting their second child recently dazzled in trendy maternity photos. The expectant mother showed her growing baby bump stylishly to the world in different poses.

The beautiful couple who were also celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary decided to have a family photo-shoot which turned out to be an inspiration to other couples.

The professional photo shoots creatively reveals the joy in this young family as they beamed with smiles while husband and wife took turns to rub the baby bump lovingly.

For Mrs. Rita Nnadi who is expecting her first child, having her maternity shoot was one of the best things that happened in her life. She had to do the shoot to show other pregnant women that they can be happy with their bodies during pregnancy no matter the huge changes it undergoes with pregnancy.

She said: ‘’I am very happy my husband agreed to do this maternity shoot with me. His support means a lot to me. I had to do this to show other women that pregnancy is not something to be ashamed of and that their bodies are still beautiful despite the changes it has undergone.’’

When Mrs. Gbemisola Oyebade suggested they had a maternity photo shoot when she became pregnant after six years delay, her husband refused. He insisted that her body was his and she didn’t need to go that length to prove anything to anybody. But he had to give in after she insisted so much.

According to Mrs. Oyebade, she had to do the photo shoot to silence people who were spreading rumours that she was planning to buy a baby. ‘’The naked picture of my naked baby bump will shut the mouths of detractors who were bent on tarnishing my image. We had to do maternity shoots with three different themes so that people will know that I was truly pregnant, she said.’’

Mrs. Peace Utomi who recently showcased her baby bump to the world with beautiful and breathtaking photo shoots says that ‘’Pregnancy photo shoot is the best way women can show off their beautiful baby bump, while making their pregnancy a memorable experience also.’’

She stated that taking a maternity photo shoot is a way of keeping memories alive even after years have gone by, when you go back to your photo album it will remind you what you looked like when you were pregnant with your child.  A woman’s maternity portraits are wonderful gifts for her children.



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