Don’t sacrifice your time begging to be loved

Do not sacrifice your time begging for love.

Don’t beg to be loved by someone who does not consider you worthy of their love.

If you keep begging to be loved, you will understand that being a temporary option in someone’s life hurts.

No matter how hard you try, you are just a necessary, available option at that moment and you shouldn’t settle for that.

They waste your time and try to make you feel less than their desired preferences which sometimes bother on mundane physical appearances or financial considerations.

That is why you shouldn’t rush into marriage with anyone who doesn’t respect or value you as a person. You will be wasting valuable time with such relationship.

If you think you can change that person or work hard so that they can love you, you will end up hurting yourself.

You might even lose yourself in the process of loving someone who doesn’t love you back in return.

Marriage is not by force. It is beautiful, but not a do or die matter.

If ever you have the ability to give anybody the most important thing in life-happiness- and they turn it down for the more peripheral preferences like height, riches, social standing, and body parts, please turn your back and leave.

If you go ahead and somehow force the relationship or marriage to happen, that person will disrespect you time and time again, that you will begin to doubt yourself.

You are nobody’s fool. Don’t allow anyone treat you like trash because you want to be loved. Time waits for no one.

You are gods and goddesses in your own right. Never agree to be treated like trash.

You are better than they let you believe you are. Don’t waste your time with them if they refuse to see that.

The time to stay away from someone who doesn’t love you is now. Don’t look back too.


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