Men, are you sure your children belong to you?

Dear men, how many children do you have? How long have you been married? What will happen after raising your children, and giving them the best things of life only to find out that they are not yours? Will your heart still be beating well?

It is heartbreaking for a man to discover that his wife is sharing her body with every Tunde, Emeka and Haruna and adding the children of her lovers to the mix. While you keep beating your chest that the children are yours, she is laughing at you behind your back.  As a matter of fact, you boast that once you touch her, pregnancy happens and your friends are hailing you for being a super stud.

Father and his children

But one day, you suddenly discover that some or all of your children are not yours. You try to make sense out of the situation, but your poor heart is so shattered that you cannot think straight. Finding out you have been raising another man’s child or children is a deadly blow most men never recover from. They are used to flaunting their many sexual escapades before their wives but can’t stand being treated the same way.

I don’t know why men can’t deal with this small thing. After all, you people go out and import your children with other women home for your wives to start babysitting them, heaven has not fallen. For ages, women have been emotionally blackmailed by their husbands and matrimonial family members to raise their husband’s children from other women and the world has not ended. Why is it so hard for men to do the same?

If you treat your wife like a Queen, I doubt she will transfer another man’s children to you for years while cooking your food and having sex with you without her conscience pricking her. If you think you are the head of the home by looking down on her, humiliating her and treating her like trash, she will stylishly get her satisfaction elsewhere and also transfer the seeds of her escapades to you.

Nigerian men, welcome to your reality. You people think you are smart but you have discovered that you are learners when it comes to cheating. Nigerian women have taken the reins from you. They are smiling at you, praying for you and speaking in tongues but cheating on you without condoms. You are now witnessing firsthand what lying and deceptive women can do.

It is funny that some of these women who pretend to be virtuous and spend six days in church are passing off other men’s children to their unsuspecting husbands. I pity men who run up and down claiming the head of the home without knowing what is truly happening in their homes. Very soon, it will be clear that many of you are just assistant fathers.

See what your wife materials are doing to you people. When you look at your wives, you see a lamb but you don’t know you have been sleeping with wolves for years. You people should not be in shock. There’s nothing new under the sun. Women have been cheating on their husbands for long and passing their lovers’ children to them while acting submissive and virtuous.


I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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