Men, your wife is your next of kin, not your brothers

Men, your wife is your next of kin, not your brothers or extended family members. Why would you leave the woman who has been by your side for years high and dry after you depart this world?

One thing that can never makes sense to me is the fact that some men would rather make their brothers or other family members their next of kin instead of their wives or children.

Look, you have no business being married to somebody you can’t make your next of kin.


Sad widow

Men should set boundaries with their extended family members when it comes to their wives and children. You don’t treat your wife like an outsider and expect your family to respect her.

That is what it should be. Don’t tell me that some women are evil. I know. But if you are careful you will know if a woman genuinely loves you. If you don’t know how, ask people who know.

I have seen a lot of men put their wives and children into suffering because they made their own brothers their next of kin.

You owe your wife and children protection from everybody. Your father’s family is not your family. Your family is your wife and children and so their safety and comfort should be your ¬†full responsibility.

It is foolish to have business and wealth that your wife know nothing about but your own siblings know about them.

Why should you hide your wealth from a woman you call your wife? With the same mouth you will tell us that you are One. That her body belongs to you. That you own her. A woman that would risk her life during childbirth.

If you don’t trust her enough why did you marry her?

Why would any reasonable person marry a woman he doesn’t trust? a woman that cooks your food?

So many women have had different experiences in the hands of in laws, after the death of their husbands.

Your legitimate next of kin is your wife or your children. Nobody would love your children more than you. If you think I’m lying, just die and monitor what happens from the land of the dead.

This is Africa, women are still endangered. Yes, things are getting better, but we still know that women are still endangered.

A real man would do everything to keep his woman safe. That is what it means to be the head of the family. It is a shame for a woman with a husband to be left empty handed when he dies while his family will be enjoying the wealth they both laboured for.



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