7 ways to teach your children how to share

Teaching a child to share things is not easy for parents. Children have difficulty sharing, especially toddlers. This is a normal part of the development process. Knowing and accepting this is the first step in learning how to teach your child be generous.

Do you wonder how to teach a child to share? Are you at a loss how to teach them the importance of sharing in early childhood? Do you want to teach an only child to share or how to teach a 2 year old to share her favourite toy?

As a parent or care giver, you should know why sharing is important for a child and teach them how to do it. Below are 7 ways you can teach your children to share their toys with others:

Children sharing toys

Lead by example

Let your child see you share your favourite things before you demand that they do the same. You could demonstrate this by sharing a bowl of ice cream with them while enjoying your favourite show.

Don’t force them to share

Don’t force a child to share. Instead, create attitudes and an environment that encourage your child to want to share. To you, they are only toys, but to a child, they are a valuable, prized collection. Respect your child’s possessiveness while you encourage them to share.

Give them the opportunity to share

Next time you are sharing a treat or something special that everyone wants a part of, include your child by letting them pass the item out to everyone. You could encourage those you are with to praise the child when sharing.

Make sharing a game

You may want to try turning sharing into a game for toddlers until they are old enough to govern themselves. This could mean setting a timer for how long they can use their toys until it goes to the next person.

Know when to step in

When a toy squabble starts between your child and her friends, don’t rush to interfere. Give them time and space to work it out among themselves. Stay on the sidelines and observe the struggle. If the situation is deteriorating, intervene.

Make plans ahead

If your child has trouble sharing his toys and a playmate is coming over, ask the playmate’s parent to send toys along. Kids can’t resist toys that are new to them. Soon your child will realize that he must share his own toys in order to get his hands on his playmates’.

Protect your child’s interests as you teach them to share

If your child clings to his precious possessions, respect this attachment, while still teaching him to be generous. It’s normal for a child to be selfish with some toys and generous with others.



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