10 parenting mistakes that harm children’s well being

Parents make mistakes that harm the well being even though they mean well for them. Parenting is one tough job and it takes making common parenting mistakes for parents to learn how to raise their children well.

In many ways, parenting requires delicate balancing leading their children into adulthood and encouraging them to grow, as well as act as their guardians to protect them from all harm.

This balance is difficult to achieve, and even with the best of intentions it is possible to make inadvertent mistakes that impact negatively on the growth and well-being of one’s children.

But parents can avoid these 10 pitfalls for safe and fulfilling parenting:

*One of the biggest parenting mistakes today’s parents make is trying to shield their children from the realities of life. Your child won’t learn to be tough and independent on their own that way.

*One of the common mistakes parents also make is imposing their own will on their children which can be psychologically unhealthy for children.

*Another mistake that can harm your child’s well being is telling others who have gone ahead ‘Don’t tell me how to raise my child.’ You don’t know it as a parent. You need guidance from others too.

*One of the worst parenting mistakes is not leading by example. Failing to practice what you preach while teaching your children values and principles that will guide them in life can be misleading. Your actions speak louder than words to them, so it is crucial that you impart  values through consistent, physical examples.

* Another mistake that can harm the well being of your children is preventing them from taking risks. Children should learn how to take and manage calculated risks because it is crucial life-lesson that will prepare them for adulthood.

*You shouldn’t allow guilt to interfere with parenting your children. Guilt is a negative emotion that prevents effective parenting. You might raise spoiled children with a sense of entitlement that could breed arrogance and selfishness traits if you keep feeling guilty for punishing them when they do wrong.

*Don’t leave your children to the flames of peer pressure. Share your mistakes with them so that they can know that actions come with consequences. This will allow them make more informed decisions concerning peer pressure.

* Another parenting mistake that can harm children is taunting them with their common childhood mistakes. Let bygones be bygones. Help them learn from their mistakes and move on.

* Parents who think they child is perfect are making mistakes that can harm the well being of these children in the future. Your child is not perfect. Don’t expect perfection from them. They will fall and rise.

*Looking down on your child because they are not towing the same path as you are is a big mistake that can harm their self esteem and make them insecure about who they are and what they want to do with their life.


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