10 things to expect when moving to new house with your partner

It is a great achievement when couples move into their own house after years of living in a rented apartment. They have done something many couples dream of.  But like any other new phase in life, it comes with challenges and surprises. While living in your own house comes with different responsibilities, it can also impact positively or negatively on your relationship with your partner.

Here are 10 things couples should expect after moving into their own house:

You will feel financially stressed

You and your partner may be financially stressed after moving into your house. You may wonder if you overspent money. This could lead to some bickering and a dive in your sex life. But you both can work on it so that you can enjoy your new level.

You will disagree over decoration

You have free reign to select the curtains, decorate the living room and renovate the kitchen any way you like. This is very liberating, but it also leads to a lot of disagreements about paint colour, toilet type, curtain texture, chair colour and so on.

You will host more

Moving to your own home will make you want to open up your home for lots of  parties as well as hosting your friend’s birthday party whose apartment is small.

You will fix things yourselves

If something is broken or needs repair, you and your partner will have to find contractors, compare and contrast prices, and handle the project from start to finish. This can be a bit overwhelming because you are trying to settle down to enjoy your new house.

You won’t argue with your partner over clutter anymore

Having enough personal storage space can certainly put an end to bickering among couples. Now the wife has more space to store her clothes, shoes and bags unlike when they were still in a rented apartment.

Couple playing after moving into their own house

You in-laws will visit more

When you have a large house, your in-laws feel more encouraged to visit you, especially those residing outside your state of residence. Some family members who in the past can’t stay long in your rented apartment can now come and stay for weeks or even months because there is enough space for them.

You could spend more time apart

When you live in an apartment, you naturally spend more time with your partner. There aren’t many places to hide from each other, so you are usually in the same room or just one room apart. When you live in your spacious house, you both may spend more time apart.

You will feel isolated at first

You won’t hear the noises of people living around you anymore when you move to your new house. But it can also feel very isolating at first. It’s just you and your family alone, somewhere. You can’t even step outside your door to chat with any of your neighbours like you do before.

You can plan for the future

Moving into a house helps you think more about the future. You may find yourselves talking about things you never discussed before, like how you would like new business ventures, latest vacation spots and retirement choices.

You may not live near friends anymore

If your friends all live in apartments and you now live in your own house, you may spend more time going to visit them depending on traffic.


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