This Nigerian wife used glue to damage vagina of her husband’s side chic

A Nigerian wife used glue to damage the vagina of her husband’s side chic. After warning the girl to leave her husband alone to no avail, she took matters into her hands.

The married woman was tired of hearing of her husband’s many sex romps with this particular girl and pleaded with her to stop seeing her but she refused.

The side chic couldn’t let go because the man promised to get her a car and an all expense paid trip to Dubai.

Married woman set her up. She paid a guy to solicit for the service of the side chic who is a runs girl. When it came time for action in an undisclosed hotel, she was beaten blue and black.

Then 100 glue was inserted into her vagina as punishment for messing with a married man. Such a painful experience for a young lady. She’s alive but her vagina is not the same. Married woman divorced her Randy husband but not before dealing with his side dish.

A Facebook friend shared this on her wall and it has generated a lot of responses for and against the actions of the woman.

Angry woman

This is the post;

” A married woman who couldn’t confront her cheating husband confronted the mistress.

She told the girl to leave her husband. The babe said she won’t. Especially after being promised a car and a trip to Dubai.

Married woman set her up. Since she does runs. She sent a fine guy to approach her and then lure her to a hotel room.

Fine guy approached her, she accepted and off he drove to the hotel.

On getting there, she was beaten and over 100 super glue was put inside her vagina

A friend shared this with me. She knows the people involved.

Anyways, man and woman are divorced.

Mistress is alive but her vagina isn’t the same.”



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