10 glaring signs your partner is toxic for you

To fall in love with a toxic person is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone.

Love is supposed to make your heart beat for that special someone you can spend the rest of your life time with without fears. Love should flow naturally and not be toxic.

Staying with someone who can make your life hell because they are toxic for you is heartbreaking.

There are warning signs of a toxic relationship men and women should know so as  to avoid being victims. Ending toxic relationships shouldn’t be hard, it is a must for you. Below are toxic relationships symptoms and how to fix a toxic relationship.

They don’t respect you

When your partner respects you, then they respect what you do and who you are. They know your worth and appreciate how valuable you are.

They don’t trust you

If your partner’s actions are suspicious and they claim it’s because they are just jealous or care too much about you, you need to draw a line between jealousy and lack of trust. Lovers should trust each other.

Unhappy, toxic couple

They make you doubt yourself

If they make you think that you are not good enough all the time, that you should be happy they are with you, they are toxic for you. You are good enough and it takes the right person to see it.

They stand in your way

If your partner doesn’t support you or help you reach your dreams, walk away. If they trivialize your dreams, live your life without them. They will remain a setback in your life if you stay with them.

They keep hurting you

Whether they do it physically or emotionally, it’s unacceptable. Don’t confuse supremacy with love. If they keep hurting you and blaming you for their actions, leave that toxic relationship. Your partner should heal and not break you.

They don’t appreciate your presence

If your partner doesn’t feel the same way as you or doesn’t care about your presence or absence in their life, you deserve better. Lovers should desire to be together for a relationship to work.

They don’t make an effort

You two must be willing and pulling an effort to make your relationship work, not just one of you. But if you already tried to grab their attention and they act like they don’t care, move on with your life. If you have told them what interests you, and they still didn’t care to help you with that, they are toxic for you.

They make you feel uncomfortable

Don’t stay in a relationship you are not comfortable in because you have known your partner for a long time. That’s recipe for unhappiness. don’t like. If you are no longer comfortable with your partner, talk to them, break up amicably so that both of you can move on peacefully.

They try to make you change yourself 

If you have to change yourself to suit your partner, that love is toxic. If it feels like you wear a permanent mask because you can’t be yourself then it’s probably time to go. A real lover wouldn’t change you and wouldn’t let you lose yourself also.

They are insecure and possessive

If little things throw your partner into fits of rage, then you need to leave that toxic relationship. If they are jealous and possessive, they are toxic for you. If they exhibit extreme insecurity and low self esteem, take that as a sign of a toxic relationship and run for dear life.


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