Women have the right to choose the kind of men they desire

Dear woman, you have every right to choose the type of man you desire and the qualities you want in a romantic relationship.

If you want a man who is rich and generous, go for it.

If you want a man who handsome and one with six packs and alluring physical features, do not hesitate to state this clearly.

If you desire a man who is intelligent, go for it.

If you want a man who is excellent in the kitchen and bedroom, go for it.

If you want a combo of all these characteristics and more, go for it.

If you desire a man who will support your dreams and inspire you to go for more, don’t settle for less.

If you want a man who doesn’t have a problem being equals with his woman, by all means go for him.

Don’t let societal expectations make you settle for the kind of man you don’t want. You will be hurting yourself.

Fuck societal expectations. You have every right to desire and choose your life partner based on the qualities you love and admire in a man.

Being a woman doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a say in the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is your right.

You should go for what you want because your needs and desires are valid. Your dream man and marriage are also valid.

Don’t listen to people who want to you settle for less than you deserve because they did the same.

Don’t conform to unhealthy societal expectations. It is your life, take charge of it.

Queen, don’t play small or remove your crown to please anyone. Go for what you want.

It is not only men who have the right to outline the qualities they want in a woman, you have that right too. So use it.

Just be honest about who you are and what you want because you genuinely want it not necessarily because someone else is enjoying it but because it is your innermost desire.


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  1. peace says:

    Parents in this computer age still choose partners for their children. It happens everywhere and happens more among the educated and rich. I tire!

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