10 things classy women do that make them irresistible

A woman with poise is a classy woman. Classy women project positive qualities effortlessly.

But being classy isn’t only about how a woman dresses, it’s also the way she carries herself, the way she talks and the things she says as well as her actions.

The elements of being classy are not always easy to quantify, but you know a classy woman when you see her. She’s full of confidence, poise, positive vibrations and resilience.

A classy woman stays true to herself. She is authentic and real in relationships. She is aligned to her principles. She sticks to her sense of what is right and wrong.

A classy woman communicates effectively. She’s articulate. She admits her wrongs and doesn’t feel better than those beneath her. Curse words are not for her. She has poise.

Beautiful and classy woman with poise

A classy woman is considerate of other people’s feelings. She pays attention to those around her. She offers her help and support where possible.

A classy woman doesn’t need to play games to get what she wants. She works hard. She’s dedicated and resilient. She pursues her goals with positive drive.

A classy woman is well-mannered. She is thankful when necessary.  She doesn’t take simple gestures for granted.

A classy woman is not envious of the success of others. She celebrates with others when they win and genuinely looks forward to her own time.

A classy woman has her personal style, her outfits are thought out, tasteful and put together. She dresses appropriately for every occasion. Elegance is her thing.

A classy woman doesn’t brag. Even though she’s rich and incredibly talented, she doesn’t brag about what she knows or how much money she has.

A classy woman doesn’t put down others just to feel good and powerful. She doesn’t ridicule others even if they don’t meet up to her standards.

A classy woman isn’t one to keep tabs and scores of wrongs done against her. She rises above pettiness to give forgiveness when necessary. She’s free with everyone.


I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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