Safety tips for ladies meeting guys outside Facebook for the first time

I think ladies need to start taking their safety serious when it comes to meeting guys and networking.

There’s nothing wrong with a lady meeting with her male Facebook friend in person. We meet people all the time. It’s human nature to relate with people we share common interests with. But ladies need to take some precautions and think about their safety first.

Safety for ladies outside Facebook

Don’t meet a guy for the first time in his house or his friend’s house. Guys talk. They cover up for each other. They discuss their conquests. Do this if you are ready to have free sex and not be traumatized later.

Don’t trust any guy no matter the kind of English he speaks on Facebook. Whether he is a feminist or not is irrelevant. An erect penis doesn’t remember feminism. Many of these guys who tell women want they want to hear on Facebook are looking for sex. They are horny boys. Learn to safety conscious.

Ladies should stop being childish. If he asks for sex and you feel it’s not cool, walk away and leave it at that. You don’t have to tell us what happened between you people. When you planned to meet, we didn’t know.

Finally, women protect yourself. This society doesn’t care about you. People will blame you for meeting up with a Facebook friend if something bad happens to you as if you did something wrong. Your safety is your responsibility.

Meet guys in public places. Let us help ourselves so that we won’t be victims of men who prowl this space looking for sex. Your safety should matter to you. Don’t trust guys blindly.

Some of these guys are not who they claim to be. They hide behind their phones to scheme how to get beautiful girls on Facebook with their posts.

They claim to fight for women’s rights but in reality, they are looking for cheap sex.

Don’t put yourself in a compromising situation because you want to meet an acclaimed Facebook celebrity or feminists for the first time. Protect yourself. Your safety is very important.


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