10 ways to handle first bad dates

When it comes to dating, it’s part of the game to have some bad dates once in a while.

Before you get to meet the one, you may have to go though some bad dates.

Even though you may get along with someone through chats and messages, you may find out that the two of you don’t click at all when you finally meet.

This can easily make for awkward dates. There are also signs of bad dates that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even though many people wonder how to get over bad first dates, below are what to do after bad first dates.

Don’t blame yourself

If a date goes bad, you may be inclined to play the blame game and in the end start pointing the finger at yourself. You don’t have to feel bad about a failed date because you learn something from every experience.

Initiate conversation

When a date is going bad, keep the conversation going. Ask questions. Talk a little about yourself, but don’t go overboard. Talk about movies, food, your interests and anything else that you both can relate to. Just don’t start looking at your watch.

Don’t point out the obvious

Even if you are dying to tell your date how bad things are going between you, don’t do that. Do your best to stop yourself from blurting out how weird the date is and if possible, give it a chance to turn around on a positive note.

Having bad dates

Drop your phone

Even if your date isn’t going anywhere, don’t isolate yourself. When a date goes bad, don’t pull out your phone and start texting, checking Facebook, or playing a game. Keep your focus on your date.



Try some humour

During a bad date, having a few laughs together can make things a lot better. Lighten up a bit and talk about something funny. You can talk about a crazy and funny experience you have had in the past.


Figure out why it’s going badly

Your bad date is not doomed even if started badly. If you can sense that something is wrong and it’s something that can be easily fixed, it won’t to just start over. A bad date doesn’t have to go down the drain completely, especially if you know there is a way to turn it around.

Try to find some common ground

Even if you guys aren’t clicking like you hoped, you are bound to have some sort of common ground, or else you wouldn’t have agreed on a date in the first place. Talk about these similarities that you two have and focus on them. This way you can at least avoid silence and your mind isn’t focused on how badly the date is going.

Don’t lead your date on

At the end of bad dates, don’t have to propose or accept a second date. If you are just not into your date, let them know. End the date on a good note. You can suggest just staying friends or never seeing them again. It’s up to you.

Don’t flirty with someone else

Even if there’s a hot guy or girl across the room, don’t flirt before your date. It is embarrassing for your date to see you winking at another person in their presence. Keep the winks and stares to yourself until your date comes to an end.

End the date nicely

If everything fails and you are really uncomfortable with your date, just end it early. No matter how bad the date went, end it nicely. It’s not a good idea to just walk out on your date. Explain the situation, end it, and move on.



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