Facebook user Ephraim Edeh tried to shame woman he was begging for sex

A Facebook user, Mr. Ephraim Edeh recently broke the internet with dick on fire hashtag when he tried to publicly slut shame a woman he was begging for sex on Facebook.

Ephraim Edeh, who recently got married to a very beautiful woman, sent a lady Amaka Abara a friend request after he read some of her comments on a Facebook group called ILA OTU.

But after Amaka accepted his request, he started sending her messages, begging for sex. When she sent him the picture he posted of him and his wife claiming he would miss her till December, he told her he can’t wait till December to have sex.

Ephraim Edeh told Amaka his dick was on fire and he wanted to have a video call sex with her. But Amaka kept stalling him by asking for money.

She told him to transfer N100,000 to her account, he agreed by telling her that money wasn’t his problem. But he continued trying to video call her.

Ephraim Edeh was desperate to have sex with Amaka but she didn’t want to. He even told her he was masturbating at some point and needed to show her his dick.

From the screenshots of their chats which Amaka made available, he called her on messenger over three times but she refused to pick his calls.

So it was a huge surprise when Ephraim Edeh put up a post with Amaka’s picture calling her names and claiming that she was begging him for N10, 000 but he refused and she was talking trash about him.

In a swift reply, Amaka Published the chats between her and Ephraim Edeh to state her own side of the story and clear her name. This broke the internet as dick on fire started trending.

Nigerians have invaded Ephraim Edeh’s Facebook page just to cuss him out. The comments were lethal as they were hilarious. This will teach his likes a big lesson about slut shaming women online.






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2 Responses

  1. Chichi says:

    Gosh! I am highly disappointed cos I know this guy dam well when I saw his pic. Though he is not my friend on Fbk but he was my former church member. Well i réserve m’y comments till i see him face to face.

  2. Josh says:

    That guys dick is terribly hot. What a dick on fire.

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