10 things you should never say to a bride on her wedding day

Many brides are sensitive on their wedding day.

It is understandable because of the pressure they are under as their big day approaches.

They have to coordinate things, have once-in-a-lifetime moments to enjoy, and it takes a lot for them to be aisle-ready.

Aside wedding day tips for bride before wedding, there are wedding planning tips for brides that they try to follow to have the most beautiful wedding ever.

But if you are around a bride on her big day, here are 10 phrases you should not to say to a bride on her wedding day.

You look like so and so on her wedding day

 Every bride wants to feel like the only most beautiful bride of all time. Keep the comparisons away.  Tell her she’s perfect and looks magical.

A bride on her wedding day

Why wasn’t ABC invited?

Don’t question any bride’s invite list. It is her wedding, and not yours. Keep those thoughts to yourself and be grateful you were invited.

Do you mind if my friend comes for the reception?

If the person wasn’t invited, don’t ask this question. This is a wedding, not a casual happy hour.

Why did you wear your hair like that, paint your nails that color or wear those shoes?

Negative compliments are not welcome. If you don’t have something sweet and nice to say to a bride on her big day, keep the unpleasant commentary to yourself.

Don’t tell her not to panic

Starting a sentence with this phrase guarantees pandemonium. If a problem arises, mention it specifically and present proactive alternatives.

I can’t sit next to that person

Telling a bride about a seating crisis the morning-of her wedding is probably a bad idea.

How much did this thing cost?

Whether you are referring to a specific element, or the wedding itself, it’s best to keep the cost of anything entirely out of the conversation.

No one will notice the details anyway

While it may true that guests remember weddings in large strokes, someone may notice that some things are not in order.

You just need a few more drinks

Don’t ask a bride if she needs a drink to calm her nerves She needs to be calm and not a drink.

Well, you know couples divorce at some point

Don’t scare a bride with divorce talks on her wedding day. Keep your focus on how wonderful the couple is together.


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