Girl heartbroken after boyfriend broke up with her over Facebook posts

A friend’s boyfriend broke up with her last week.

According to him, her posts on Facebook says she won’t make a good wife.

Plus, his friends always screen grabbed her posts and send to him.

For that, he broke up with her.

According to my friend, she was disappointed he would pick his friends over her.

She’s hurt he would judge her based on her posts especially as they have been friends for years before they started dating. She felt he should know her better.

Boyfriend left me because of my Facebook posts

I am just wondering who made him the measurement tape rule to knowing who is a wife material and who isn’t.

And I’m pissed at my friend for keeping her boy friend’s friends on her list.

There are certain words you don’t tell a person.

Like, “You are not wife enough” you are killing that person in ways you would never understand.

Yes. The said lady might wave it off like she doesn’t care but she might think about it. For others, they really don’t care.

You don’t mock a guy about his sexual prowess or dick size especially guys who have them small, being mocked over it. You are hurting his esteem.

You don’t tell a lady her vagina stinks. You are being mean to her.

He had no right to say that to her. And then breaking up.

I also think ladies ought to know. Your boyfriend’s friends are not your own friends.

I don’t know the babalawo that will ever make me accept requests from boyfriend ‘s friends even his family members. Let us all respect ourselves from afar and not complicate things.

Should someone be judged by what they write, post, share on Facebook? If we are to go by our posts, should Facebook posts be a criteria for knowing who will make a good wife or husband?


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  1. peace says:

    I tire o! Different day, different story. How can you break up with someone over fb posts? If I constantly post on sex, so, it will then mean I am promiscuous. Wow!! That’s another level of ignorance.

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