To be successful, women should do away with societal stereotypes

Women in this part of the world should do away societal expectations and stereotypes if they want to be all they were created to be.

When you tell the girl child, you should learn how to cook so that your husband will love you more, you are limiting her greatness. A girl was created to achieve things greater than cooking and cleaning.

When you tell a woman, you can have ambition but not too much so that your man won’t feel threatened, you are telling her reduce herself to make another human being feel better.

When you tell ladies to be successful but not too much so that they won’t scare men away from them, you are encouraging these ladies not to reach for all their dreams.

Tara Durotoye, woman who let go of stereotypes

Young lady, who are you listening to? Are you being hounded everyday to reduce yourself so that you can get married? Are you being told not to buy a car or build a house because you need a man to validate your existence?

Don’t try it. You will regret it. If a man can’t match your efforts, let him step up his game. You weren’t created to reduce who you are. You were created to succeed. Refuse to be reduced to a cook and a cleaner.

Don’t let opportunities to make money and be highly successful pass you by. Go into that business. Buy that land. Build that house. Buy your dream car. Open your business. Fly in your career. Go back to school if you must. Get more education. Go for training. Fly, woman, fly.

If you play small for him to feel big and powerful, you will lose yourself. You won’t live your life to the full. Life is too short to be in the shadows.

Don’t do that to yourself. You are worth much more than a man who is threatened by your brilliance and success. Be everything you want to be and d more. You are a woman, you deserve to be successful. Let go of stereotypes for your own good.



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  1. Ebube says:

    Wonderful. Women and girls should never limit themselves because of what the society tells them.

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