Subtle ways unhappy people bring down others

There are many unhappy people in this world.

They are unhappy with people they don’t know.

It’s like they are unhappy with the whole world.

They are not happy with others because they have done something wrong but because they are unhappy with who they are and the lives they live.

They believe other people are leading better lives.

They are unhappy with their roots and their backgrounds.

They are unhappy that they are unable to achieve their targets.

They are unhappy just for the sake of being unhappy.

In the course of our daily interactions, we meet such people.

They are people who wake up angry and go back to bed at night very sad.

Unhappy man and woman

When they meet you, they are not happy with you not because you offended them but because happiness is not in their DNA and they cannot give what they don’t have.

For such people everything makes them angry. They are even more angry when folks are happy around them.

It is difficult for them to understand why one should be happy at all.

When anyone around them succeeds, bears a child, gets married, builds a new house, gets promoted, recovers from an ailment and people rally round to rejoice, they do not join rather they will quickly attribute the success to some devilish back up and support.

They always explain away anyone’s joy and put other people down thinking that that’s the only way they can climb.

If you pass in exam they claim you cheated or slept with a lecturer. If you make good money, they claim you were involved in money ritual.

If you get pregnant, they spread stories that the baby isn’t your husband’s and some will even tell people that your dead husband appeared to them in their dreams to tell them.

If you even try and laugh and dance joyfully, you have committed an atrocity. How dare you rejoice and be happy?

Now how do you deal with folks like that? I forgot to tell you that some are poisonous. Be careful with them.

Didn’t they say it’s better to dine with long spoon when you are sharing a meal with the devil? I don’t believe that, I rather not dine at all.

While being careful, always pray for them. There’s something in their past that they might not even know of that’s left them in that state.

They are just hurting and you know that hurting people hurt others. Don’t blame them but stay away from their toxicity.

Thirdly, don’t allow them drag you into their pit of sorrow, stay permanently on top of your mountain.

Stay joyful, who knows one day, just one day, maybe the happiness will rub off on them and they will start being happy.



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  1. peace says:

    So true! Chronic unhappiness is toxic!

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