12-year-old Aisha is defying all odds to achieve her dreams

Aisha Saleh is a genius by every standard.

She shines and towers above every crowd she finds herself.

This girl is an unmistakeable meteor. She’s simply a genius. She remains an inspiration to her mates.

At 12, Aisha Saleh speaks five languages: English, Arabic, French, Hausa and a measure of Yoruba.

When she was seven, her mother died, leaving her and her kid brother, Mohammadu, now 10, to the care of their grandmother in Monkey Village, one of Lagos’ most impoverished neighbourhoods.

Their father, a security man, who refused to remarry, visits them from time to time.

Aisha Saleh displaying her hand made card

When Aisha enrolled in Opebi Primary School, the school soon realised they had at hand, much more than an amiable, ever-smiling, gap-toothed pupil. Ag genius was staring them in their faces. She tops her class consistently.

In no time, Aisha earned a double promotion twice – Primary One to Three (2014) and Primary Four to Six (2016). She sat for the National Common Entrance recently, waiting to get into the Opebi Junior Grammar school, also a public school.

Aisha Saleh is exceptionally brilliant. She’s articulate, talented and resilient. She wants to be a lawyer, she says in her easy, playful ways.

Already Aisha Saleh is currently on two NGOs’ partial scholarships—CEE-HOPE’s and that of The Women’s Helping Hands Initiative (TWHHI), an initiative of Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo which works with underprivileged children.

For Borno State-born Aisha Saleh, the sky is just a launch pad. Aisha makes anybody’s day any time you come in contact with her.

Recently, at the grand finale of CEE-Hope’s summer school in her community, Aisha Saleh led a group of other children to give an eloquent vote of thanks.

And yes, she also made the founder of CEE-Hope’, Betty Abah a beautiful greeting card during her arts and craft practicals. It was a fulfilling moment for her.

Betty Abah says “Aisha Saleh will go places. I am doubly sure of that.”



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