Amara Blessing Nwosu soon to divorce second husband

Famous relationship consultant, Amara Blessing Nwosu will soon be single again.

Amara Blessing Nwosu is divorcing her second husband, Francis Van-Lare almost three years after they got married.

From the many stories she shared during her many interviews, Amara Blessing Nwosu divorced her first husband after accusing him of domestic violence and serial cheating.

Years after, she started a relationship with Francis Van Lare and thrilled her followers with her tales of happiness and happy relationship.

Amara Blessing Nwosu divorce

They went on date nights, praised each other online and didn’t hold back on the public display of affection. Theirs was an enviable relationship while it lasted.

So her recent Facebook post about ceasing to be the wife of Francis Van Lare come October 2017 came as a rude shock to her many followers.

Amara Blessing Nwosu posted this message on Facebook about the break up.

“Dear Family,

I know you will be shocked to hear this but this is to officially let you know that reverting to my maiden name was my choice.

Mr Van-Lare and I will no longer be husband and wife as from the 16th of October 2017.

Don’t ask me what happened, just know it’s for my good and the good of my blessed children and if you can, please thank God for my children and I.

Keep sending in your questions and let Yahweh be glorified.

NB: Please desist from telling me what they say about me. Believe whatever you choose to believe. What matters to me is what God knows and what He says and since my family is in support of this, I am fine.

Don’t forget, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it”. There’s no stopping Amara!
Stay on top and keep praying for me.”

Clearly, this is shocking. While we don’t know what happened between them, we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of anybody’s sanity and peace of mind.



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10 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    Wow!! Hmmmm God help us from all this men o. I wish her well

  2. Chris Nkeiruka says:

    This is very shocking.hmmmmmm not all that gliters are gold

  3. juliet says:

    May God strengthen her through this trial

  4. Onofiok UT Essien says:

    Keep soaring girl let the sky not limit you.

  5. Helen says:

    Elenu lolenu. She’s the only one in her marriage, she knows what she’s going through and she can so opted out any fucking time.

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