Taje Prest has developed thick skin to body shaming comments

Taje Prest, a media personality and a fashion designer is a plus size woman who is proud of her body size.

Even though Taje Prest has had many embarrassing moments as a plus size woman, many of the people who call her names have never been able to insult her in person. They insult her online.

Taje Prest feels if someone hates you so much for no reason, they can’t believe that you as a plus size person are confident and you love yourself. They are skinny and they don’t love themselves half as much as you love yourself.

But while some people thinks she doesn’t have the right to be happy with herself and her body, Taje Prest doesn’t allow the insults to get to her. She laughs over the negative comments and moves on with her life.

Since she moved back to Nigeria, Taje Prest has experienced some ugly situations that if she doesn’t have a tough skin, she would have probably hidden in her shell and never go out.

Beautiful Taje Prest

One day she stopped to use an ATM in Lekki Phase 1 and some uneducated individual also waiting to use the ATM said, “You should do some sports, maybe running or something”. He sounded so uneducated because of his rudeness.

Taje Prest’s advice for plus size women is to be confident. They should stop sitting down in front of the mirror worrying about their flab and big hands. They should be happy within and be happy being alone before allowing other people into their lives.

Taje Prest says if she’s feeling sad, she forces herself to smile and before you know it, she starts feeling great. That way, little by little, her confidence grows. She is not the only big girl. There are plenty big girls out there in the world and they love themselves. If they can love themselves, why must she be different?



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