Serena Williams in labour in Palm Beach

Serena Williams, Tennis superstar has gone into labour at a clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Williams, who will turn 36 later this week, was admitted Wednesday to St Mary’s Medical Center, which shut down an entire floor to provide security for the megastar.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion who revealed she was pregnant in April was induced overnight.

Williams and her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, have said they plan to keep the sex of the baby a surprise until birth.

Williams plans to return to competitive tennis in January, to defend her Australian Open title, which she won while newly pregnant.

Serena famously won her 23rd Grand Slam at the Australian Open while pregnant, and soon after temporarily retired from competitive tennis in order to focus on the impending arrival of her baby.

It was recently revealed, however, that she is hoping to return to to the Grand Slam circuit as early as January, just in time for the Australian Open.

Serena Williams goes into labour

But while she has pulled back from competitive play, Serena has continued to keep up with her skills, regularly hitting the courts in Florida, where she has been living for much of her pregnancy, in order to hopefully minimize the amount of time before she can return to playing full-time.

Earlier this week, the Grand Slam winner gave her followers a lesson in what to expect from the birth, using a black Sharpie to draw a diagram on her pregnant belly that she captured on camera and shared via Snapchat.

‘So baby’s head is here,’ she explained as she pointed to her lower abdomen.

‘Good job, you want it to stay there,’ she explained, since it means the baby is now in position for birth. 

The pro athlete went through the demonstration with a clinician’s touch dubbing the video clip: ‘How athletes look at pregnancy.’

‘Spine somewhere in this region,’ Serena said as she continued her lesson by   she drawing a line down the front middle of her abdomen.

‘You have the feet maybe over here or a little bit over here,’ she added as she moved the pen to her right side.

She went on: ‘The hands – I kind feel it punching – are over here’ as she drew a circle in the lower right quadrant of her tummy.

Finally, she instructed her unborn child: ‘Be focused when you come out.’

‘You want to slide out,’ she told her baby as she ran her pen down her belly to her crotch.

Serena also shared a short clip of her fiance as he sat at a table in their kitchen.

The star said Alexis was ‘desperately in need of a tan’ even though they are in Florida.

She then closed in on gray hairs in his beard.

‘Gray hairs got you down?’ she said in her best TV infomercial voice. ‘Gray hair everywhere?’

‘Call 1-800 get rid of your gray hair,’ she repeated over and over again as the camera zoomed in and out on his beard.

Serena then tried to color in the grays with her black Sharpie as he tried to move away.

‘Stop it,’ he said before the video clip ended.


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