1000 Kwara women raped in one year says Saab Foundation

Sa’adat Bibire, Founder of Saab Foundation said that no fewer than 1,000 women were raped in Kwara State in 2016.

The state Ministry of Women Affairs uncovered and confirmed the 1,000 rape cases.

According to this report, rape has become rampant in Kwara State.

Bibire lamented the harmful effects of rape, child abuse, molestation, female genital mutilation and domestic violence on victims.

She spoke during the foundation’s campaign against rape and other gender-based violence in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital. The campaign was tagged, ‘Walkathon against rape.’

Members and supporters of the foundation marched around Ilorin with placards to raise awareness on crimes against women like rape and domestic violence.

According to her, rapists are either animals or devils.

She urged rape victims to speak up and stop blaming or hating themselves throughout their lives. It is not their fault that they were raped, she added.


“We are creating awareness for gender-based violence. We are working to make people know that these things are real. People are not just cooking up stories on the internet. These things happen. We are having this ‘walkathon’ to make them know that if it happens to them, God forbid, we will take the case up for them.”

She called on the Federal Government, the national and state assemblies to ensure that laws against rape and other gender violence were amended to enhance conviction and punishment of perpetrators.

Bibire said, “I am calling on the National Assembly and the 36 houses of assembly to make laws against rape and other domestic violence stricter and more enforceable. They need to do something. They are representing us and they need to stand for us. It could be their sisters, friends and mothers.

“Government can start by reviewing the laws. There are laws against rape but they are rigid. They are actually favouring the rapists, because you have a law saying that there has to be a witness during the penetration. They need to amend the laws to favour the unfortunate victims.”


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