10 annoying things men do that drive women crazy

Sometimes, men can be so annoying.

They can say or do things that will get on your last nerve.

They don’t know how much their words and actions hurt their women in some cases.

These are 10 annoying things men do that drive women crazy.

1. Drooling over other girls in front your woman. It’s okay for you to look but don’t get lost in the process. Checking out other ladies in front of your woman is disrespectful and embarrassing.

2. Forgetting to say “I love you.” Even if you have been married for over a decade, your woman likes to hear that you love her. Forgetting to do that makes her mad.

3. Not doing what you said you would do. This is annoying. If your woman can’t take your word for it, you are already in her bad books.

Things men do that women find annoying

4. Asking where things are kept. If you want something, go and look for it yourself. Stop bombarding your woman with questions.

5. Asking your wife what your children did at the end of everyday. If you want to know what your children have been up to, ask them. Be a father indeed.

6. Pestering her for sex. This is annoying. Continually begging for sex doesn’t help her get in the mood.

7. Not cleaning up after yourself is annoying. A man should keep his room and clothes clean. He should flush the toilet after use.

8. Cheating on your woman makes her mad. This is one act many women find unforgivable.

9. If you don’t give a woman a good reason why you won’t to date her or why you won’t be together, that’s annoying. You don’t just ghost a woman. Cut her loose on time if you are confused about her.

10. You make your woman mad when you don’t respond to her text messages or call her back after missing her calls. Men, just stop doing this.



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