Brother of murdered woman says she was never married to alleged killer husband

The story of late Onyinye who was allegedly murdered by her Australia returnee husband one month after their wedding has taken a new twist.

Her elder brother and guardian, Mr. Alex Eze has debunked the story of the accused, Mr. Akpata.

Alex Eze, a Master Warrant Officer of the Nigerian Air Force, described Akpata as a ‘pathological liar, swindler and unrepentant criminal.’

According to, Eze said Akpata was 60 years old and not 40 as he had told police. He called him a liar with a sugar coated tongue.

Akpata and late Onyinye exchanging vows

Eze said: “It’s not true that he was married to my sister. They only met in June 2017. So, how could he marry our sister in June? What has he done concerning the marriage to make him our sister’s husband? They did not do any court marriage. I do not know what he wants to achieve with such lies.”

Eze revealed that Akpata only met him as the elder brother and guardian of the lady and asked him to give him a date for the introduction of both families which was required before traditional marriage in Igbo land.

Eze said he gave him August 12, 2017 to do the first introduction to the family. Eze claimed Akpata did not know his mother and his mother did not know him. How could he claim he was married to his sister?

Eze went further to say that Akpata who was married before and had grown up children didn’t show up on the day the deceased family set aside for family introduction.

It was also revealed that the deceased had received a threat message from Akpata’s daughter.

She was against Eze’s sister’s relationship with her father. She swore that her father would not marry Onyinye while her mother was still alive.

Onyinye’s family misses her intelligence and kind heart. She was the bread winner in her family too. She placed her mother on 40,000 naira salary.

The deceased family has vowed to pursue her case until justice is served. They strongly believe that Akpata murdered their sister in cold blood for no reason.


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