5 things Nigerian mothers do when their daughters see their periods for the first time

Naija mothers are unique. You cannot ever forget your Naija mom no matter where you go.

This is because no matter how big you think you have become, they have a way of humbling you with their words and actions. You are always a child to them no matter how tall you are.

These Naija moms have a way of beating sense into you that you begin to wonder if they truly gave birth to you. Many of us have felt that way because of their beatings and quick knocks.

The most painful aspect of Naija moms is how some of them treat their daughters who are seeing their periods for the first time.

Naija Moms

  1. Some mothers call their daughters bad names when they see their periods for the first time even though what they are going through is nature running its cause. They lash out at them as if they have done something wrong.
  2. Others resort to slapping and beating their daughters who just saw their periods as if they have committed a crime. My mother slapped me the first day my period came. Till today, I still wonder what I did wrong to warrant her forgetting her wide palms on my small, delicate face.
  3. Some mothers rush to inform family members and friends to come celebrate with them for their daughter’s first period because it means their girls can get pregnant. I hear some girls say they kill chicken for them
  4. Some mothers lie to their daughters about sex and pregnancy. Seeing your period for the first time means receiving the only perceived sex education your mother can give you. It usually goes thus ‘If a boy touches you, you will get pregnant.’ Sighs.
  5. Few mothers sit their daughters down for a quick, awkward chat about their changing bodies, boys, and how to care for themselves during their periods. I definitely will go with the last category of mums. They are the real MVPs.


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