Nigerian Parents should stop raising financially dependent daughters

Dear parents, the worst thing you can do to your daughters is to raise them to be financially dependent on men.

Stop raising girls who will marry rich husbands. Raise hardworking girls who will be successful and build businesses that will stand the test of time.

There’s no sense in paying heavy school fees only for your girls to be wasting away in miserable marriages instead of taking their places at the top.

Your daughters should be successful. They should be rich. Your girls should have cars and build houses. They shouldn’t be financially limited because of their gender.

They shouldn’t be taught that it will make them fulfilled to be wives of rich men. These girls shouldn’t be hounded to give up their own means of making money just to please husbands. That’s hogwash.

Girls shouldn’t be taught that their dreams of being successful should be buried for their men. Stop telling them that doing that means they will be submissive and virtuous women.

No woman should be financially dependent on a man

Girls should be taught how to be financially and emotionally sound to stand on their own. Girls should know how to count money. They should know how to make financial decisions.

Stop telling your girls that boys are meant to make money while their duty is to cook, clean, get pregnant, have children and build their homes.

The world is not kind to financially dependent women. A woman without her own money will put up with many unpalatable situations just to survive.

Stop raising girls who don’t know anything about money, investments and businesses. Raise financially empowered daughters. They will make you proud.

Today’s girls should know that making money and being rich is not gender selective. They should be aware of their ability to make money whether they are married or not.

Money is important to everyone, men and women inclusive. Girls should know this.



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