HER BROKEN SOUL 4: Living in a loveless marriage


The story of her broken soul continues as first daughter was caught in the eye of the storm.

Second wife was pregnant and she didn’t fail to rub it in the face of the first wife. She would walk around the house with her protruding stomach singing and thanking God for making her worthy to be pregnant with a son.

She would entertain visitors and be castigating the first wife for her inability to give her husband sons that will carry on his family name when he is no more.

One day, second wife grabbed first wife’s blouse after she confronted her for beating one of the twins and leaving a mark on her body. While she was struggling to free herself from the grip of second wife who wanted her out of the house, she pushed her.

Second wife became dramatic. She held her stomach and started screaming. She accused first wife of trying to kill her son because she was jealous that she had the love of her husband and would give her many sons. She didn’t stop crying until husband man came home.

Broken in a loveless marriage

Immediately he heard what happened, he didn’t wait to listen to the explanations of the first wife, he slapped her and started beating her. First daughter who just got home ten minutes earlier rushed to protect her mom form daddy’s kicks and blows.

The twins were crying close by as well as second daughter who was just eight years old. She was screaming for her dad to leave their mom alone. But their cries and pleas fell on deaf ears. First daughter stood between mummy and daddy and held her father’s hand from giving her mom more blows.

Daddy was infuriated. He dropped his hands and accused first wife of turning his children against him. He told first daughter that she had committed an abomination and would have to leave his house that day. He said he would kill her if she spent the night at home. And he was serious.

First wife begged first daughter who was very angry with her father for all the treatment he was meting out to them refused. Her mother told her to quickly pick a few things and go to her friend’s house until her father calms down. She held her mom, looked into teary eyes, wiped her hot tears and told her to leave her abusive husband before he kills her.

First daughter left her crying mom and her siblings behind while she sought refuge in a family friend’s home. Husband man didn’t drop his stipend for food for first wife and her children because of what first daughter did for a week. First daughter would sneak back home to see her mom and siblings when he wasn’t around.

After a week, the matter was settled by some elderly friends of the family. They blamed first daughter for challenging her father and asked her to beg for forgiveness. She went down on her knees and begged him to forgive her. He grudgingly accepted her apology and told her to return back home. Even she felt broken and offended, she had to do it for her mom.

But the settlement didn’t address his maltreating his first wife and children. They told broken first wife that she wasn’t the first woman to have a co wife. They reprimanded her for causing problems in her home. She was told to take pregnant second wife who was taunting her as her daughter. She was charged to maintain peace and tranquillity at home no matter the provocation and first wife agreed to let peace reign.

Things didn’t get better either after the supposed settlement. Unfortunately, first daughter’s fiancée was caught in the middle. He told husband man that he would like to meet him to discuss when he can come with his people for introduction, and to perform the traditional marriage rites. But husband man was bent on frustrating him. He kept avoiding him.

Watch out for part 5


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10 Responses

  1. Tolulope says:

    Chai. This is so painful, but sadly the reality of many African women.

  2. Helen Udunze says:

    This is aching and painful. This is what a woman has to go through because of children, even the innocent children has to be caught in their father’s evil act. But some women are senseless o, for the fact that you are married as a second wife and you are going to give birth to the king doesn’t make you lord over the first wife. God could surprise you.

  3. Peace says:

    This is just heart breaking.

  4. Abigail Ekene Okafor says:

    This is reality, it does happen. While reading this, I felt like just strangling the stupid man and shouting the hell out of the first wife. Women please be financially independent, no man will push you around.

  5. Butterfly says:

    Very heart breaking.

  6. Nonnie Aneke says:

    How can a man do this to his own children?
    How can a man suddenly forget the sweet love making that led to making those children.
    Some things are so hard to comprehend and this here is one.

  7. vivian says:

    People should learn to walk away from unhealthy relationships. Its crazy to think you can give someone what he doesn’t want

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