HER BROKEN SOUL 8: Living in a loveless marriage

First wife continued to ignore her abusive husband and his manipulative wife. She was done putting up with their negative behaviour.

While second wife continued to manipulate husband man to maltreat his first wife and her children, first wife completely focused on helping her children achieve their dreams.

First wife didn’t stop serving God nor going for her church programs. She didn’t mind being locked out of the house sometimes. She would either sleep on the staircase or go to her friend’s house to pass the night.

First wife told her children that she was done holding on to husband man. She just wanted to devote her remaining days on earth doing God’s work and praying for them to have a better life and future than she did. She would declare endless fasting and prayer sessions just for her children.

First daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl two years after her marriage and it was another opportunity for husband man to attack her and her husband once again. He refused to visit them to meet with his first grandchild. He was still bitter with first daughter for going against his wish to marry a non-indigene.

Years passed and grand pa refused to meet his only grandchild at the moment. He only saw her whenever first daughter visited home with her. Things didn’t change much at home. Husband man commanded his children to be part of his business of producing local air freshner, car wash and liquid soaps.

First wife ignore husband man and his new wife

He would give orders for them to label and package ten cartoons of the products after school, otherwise, they won’t eat neither would he pay their school fees. He didn’t care that two of his daughters whom he saddles with so much work are sickle cell anaemia patients.

Whenever they took ill, he would blame first wife for giving him sickly children and also claim that it was the wicked spirits in her family that were tormenting him. He would refuse to buy  their normal drugs which included folic acid. They couldn’t even go for their regular check ups at the hospital.

Even though these children were in pains most times, he didn’t care. He just wanted to use them to grow his business. He was just focused on them working hard to make him more money. They would work after school like his workers, and many times on empty stomachs.

Husband man insisted that no one in his family has had such problems with their children until first wife bewitched him and gave him children with ill health. Whenever he said that, she would ignore him. One day, he even told first wife that he would prefer that they die instead of falling sick all the time and draining him of money.

First wife rejected it immediately and told him that she has lost five children but not one of the remaining five would drop dead again. She vowed to protect them with her life. She even dared him to lay a finger on her and she would deal with ruthlessly. Husband man retreated back to his room in fear.

…So sorry guys, the story continues in part 9 and 10. Stay tuned.


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8 Responses

  1. Helen Udunze says:

    Hmmm! Oh what a mother.

  2. Tolulope says:

    Hmm. The sacrifice of a mother.

  3. Jijah says:

    The plot thickens! Following closely.

  4. Nonnie says:

    What can I say?

  5. Sophia Dogbo says:

    I can imagine the shock on the husband man face when she finally got a voice to dare him

  6. Khemmy says:

    Hmmmm. Waiting patiently!!!! I’m happy first wife could dare the nonsensical husband to touch her

  7. oge says:

    the sacrifices that mothers make for her children is absolutely beyond comprehension

  8. Abigail Okafor says:

    Continue, can’t wait to read the rest.
    Finally first wife has come to her senses

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