HER BROKEN SOUL 9: Living in a loveless marriage

After a while, second wife gave birth to her second son. When she became pregnant, she resumed taunting first wife with her pregnancy. She told everyone that she was expecting another son that would preserve her husband’s name forever.

But unlike before, first wife didn’t care whether she was going to give birth to another Jesus Christ or John the Baptist. She ignored her, She ignored all her childish tantrums too. She also avoided coming in contact with second wife so that she won’t accuse her again of trying to harm her and her baby.

Second wife gave birth to another boy and the house became hot again for first wife and her remaining three children. First daughter was already married and first son was in the University. Things came to a head one Sunday morning that changed everyone’s lives.

That fateful Sunday morning as first daughter and her husband were preparing for church, she got a call from her uncle that they are on their way to the police station to get policemen to arrest her father because he just beat her mother again. He also threatened to kill her while beating her. Her uncle promised that with the support of his elder brothers, he would teach husband man a bitter lesson because he had treated their sister badly for so long.

First daughter rushed to the house and met policemen escorting her father to the station to go make his statement. Her mother’s face was swollen. Anger welled up inside her and she told the policemen to make sure that her father spends the night in the cell. The policemen were surprised but they did as they were told.

They spent almost the whole day at the police station and husband man spent the night in the cell. After he was bailed the next day by his younger brother, the matter was charged to court. Husband man was surprised that first wife would allow them lock him up or even take him to court. He kept telling the police men that it was a family matter and they were torturing him because of the lies of first wife and first daughter.

Second wife gave birth to another son

The case went to court after a while. Husband man was also sued at the family court and he was required to drop money for his children’s feeding and medical bills there for first wife to come pick up.He was livid. He swore that first wife and her children would never set foot in his house for disgracing him this way. He said they dragged him in the mud before his fellow cabinet members since he was a chief and his kinsmen as a whole. But his threats meant nothing to first wife.

First wife’s younger brother took her and her three children into his house. She stayed with his family comprising of his wife and son for three years until her children rented an apartment for her. But she had to withdraw the case against husband man because she didn’t want to keep fighting a meaningless battle as she put it. She wanted peace and rest.

First wife just wanted to move on with her life. She wanted to live in peace with her remaining five children. She was grateful to God for remaining alive after everything she’s been through for eight years. She kept saying that God kept her alive for a reason and that reason was for her to serve him and preach the gospel to all men.

After first son heard what happened at home, he rushed back home to ask his father what happened. But instead of his father to explain the whole issue that led to his arrest, he accused first son of supporting his mother and pretending. He walked him out of his house while second wife was in the background adding fuel to the fire.

But before first son left, his father went inside his room and came out with a file. In the file, he had documented every penny he spent on first son’s University education. It was a heartbreaking moment for first son who fought hard to hold back hot tears.

He gave a copy to first son and told him that he had to pay him back the money he spent on him since he took sides with his mother who did nothing for him over him who sent him to school. He then pushed him out of his house and told him to never come back. First son cried all the way to his uncle’s house where he reunited with his mom and sisters.

Stay tuned for the final episode of this true life story…


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9 Responses

  1. Helen Udunze says:

    This story raised my heart. Why bringing children to the world to suffer for the unknown sin?

  2. Jijah says:

    Lord! My heart is bleeding! Just reading the story has reduced me to tears, i can’t imagine the pain and torment of those who lived through it.

  3. Chichi says:

    God have mercy

  4. Sophia Dogbo says:

    This Life!

  5. Tolulope says:

    Hmmm. Speechless.

  6. Khemmy says:

    Mr. Husband, can’t wait to see ur end

  7. Butterfly says:

    This husband man is mean…!

  8. Aijay says:

    I don’t understand how a father can do that to his son. Is it transferred hatred fuelled by second wife. See the dangers of polygamy, be it intentional or not.

    • Kate says:

      He did worse. He abandoned his children. He doesn’t care about them. He even doesn’t want them to know where he is presently living with his second wife and their children. He refused to collect money from them. He said accepting things from them will hurt him. I don’t know what he means by that. Polygamy is bad.

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